Champagne, Lobster and Snorkel – Grenada πŸ‡¬πŸ‡©

Champagne , Lobster and Snorkel.

An old favourite of ours!


An early start, for a cruise day!

Off dockside 10-15 minutes prior to the shore excursion start time.

We queue with our fellow guests near the cruise terminal, ample space to queue in both the shade and the beautiful sunshine.

The trip starts with a short drive to the Port Louis marina. Enjoy the short trip, admire St. George’s town narrow streets and in some places rather steep. Sometimes it’s a wonder how those poor mini coaches get up such steep hills full of cruise passengers!

On arrival to the marina we are shown to our boat for the day.

We take off our shoes and jump on board. We are ushered into the cabin to await our safety briefing. It’s not entirely rocket science where the emergency exits are… hehe

The riot act is read and we soon set sail.

Ensure you’ve your camera to hand as you’ll soon turn around a headland and will have a fabulous view of the dock and your ship.

We take our favourite spot, legs over the side, looking out to the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Bags safety stowed in cubby holes inside the cabin, no one want their bag to go for a swim!

We then set sail for our first stop, the sculpture park. Snorkels, life vests and fins are distributed. It’s soon time to get in! The sea is so lovely warm yet still refreshing compared to the hot Caribbean air. Unfortunately over the years the sea seems to be murkier, alledgedly due to the silt and rain, so it’s not as easy as it once was to spot the sculpture, but it’s fun trying!

Back on the boat and the crew don’t waste a moment starting of being rum punch to you.

I’m never one to drink rum back in the UK, but in the Caribbean for two weeks a year, I try the occasional rum punch! The spice isle certainly knows how to make their punch.

We are soon to leave the Caribbean Sea and enter the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re an adventurous type head up front for a fun, if slightly wet (and so refreshing!) ride upon the Catamaran nets. If they’re packed and there’s no space, wait till the waves hit and they’ll soon be space!

Onwards to hog island, we anchor near a little beach. A relaxing dunk in the refreshing sea calls whilst the crew BBQ your lobster , chicken or vegetables.

Take a seat on a picnic table in the shade or sun. Chilled Champagne is served, along with a jug of water. Enjoy your delicious lunch with the unlimited bar on tap throughout. Attentive staff ensure you’re well looked after!

Enjoy another refreshing dip before it’s time to head back aboard and set sail back to the Marina.

On the way back drinks are served and you can relax, admiring the beautiful Grenadian coast listening to some chilled reggae tunes.

All good things must come to an end.

It’s all too soon time to arrive back in the Marina. Jump off the boat and a mini bus will be ready to drop you back off near your ship.

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