Walkies in Olden, Norway πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

I love a cruise to Norway, it’s a perfect short escape for a week of fresh air and beautiful scenery to rejuvenate and restore.

One of my favourite things to do in Olden is go for a walk! This merges two loves, cruising and walking! The fresh air feels fantastic whatever time of year. Oh and it *always* helps to move to burn off some of those excess cruise calories…

Upon leaving the ship, I turn to the right and walk into the main town of Olden, then after the local high school I turn left and head up the road towards the beautiful Olden Church. I then continue up the road pausing regularly to take numerous photographs. If you do not enjoy walking, or have difficulties then there is a road train, that picks up where your ship docks and drives the same route as my walk.

I then walk around Floen , the lake and after walking around it, turn right and follow the edge of the lake back around to where I joined the route. I will add some photographs for you to see the photographs of the Walk.

From memory the walk is about 11km in length, a small shallow hill up to the lake, then pretty much flat around the lake and a nice slow down hill on the way back down. On the way back you can always stop in Olden Village for a drink.

Please do share with me any walks you enjoy in Norway!

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