You only live once…

A short but hopefully sweet musing for today.

I am a nurse, every day I support families going through their worst day ever. Their relative, often young, has, often unexpectedly, died. I facilitate and coordinate the Organ Donation Process for families who feel they want a positive out of such a tragic situation.

I am honoured every single day to support these families, those who say yes and those who say no. Both types of families are amazing. I am not there to judge a yes or a no, I am there to support and just be there, for humans going through their most tragic day.

This is why I cruise, holiday, treat myself, A LOT.

You never know when your life as you know it might change, completely.

I am honoured to work so closely with these fantastic, amazing, bereaved families, particularly closely with the people who feel they can save the lives of others, when they’ve just had the worse news ever.

So tell your loved ones, that you love them.

Buy that dress you’ve been looking at.

Eat the cake you’ve been eyeing.

Tell that person you like them.

And book that cruise !

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