Oriana June 2019 – Cruise overview

Cruise overview



June 2019

British Isles

Another fabulous cruise…

I always used to naively poo hoo British Isles cruises.

They’d be full of old people, why take Annual leave time to visit our cold country, when I could spend two weeks in tropical sunshine somewhere. How ignorant I was!

The British Isles, Faroe Isles, Ireland and the Channel Isles are BEAUTIFUL…

If you’re British go explore our island! If you’re not, come and visit Britain!

The British section of the cruise was Greenock for tours to Glasgow, the Shetland Isles and the Orkney Isles. The Irish section included Killybegs, Dublin and Cobh, then we also stopped in the Faroe Isles and the Channel Isles.

Every stop is a fabulous place!

Greenock is a town, it’s a bit full of pound shops, however… the people are so friendly, walks along the esplanade are enjoyable! If you haven’t been to Glasgow, it’s a good base for a trip with the ship, a cab or a train ride into the city.

Lerwick in the Shetland Isles is a beautiful island. We visited by tender and were taken right into town. A bustling main road of shops, much history to explore and scenery to admire, including a bracing cliff top path to give you fabulous views of your ship at anchor.

Kirkwall in the Orkney Isles is a delightful small town. Friendly locals and a maze of little roads off the main shopping street, lots of places to buy loved ones presents! Seems quite a flat island around Kirkwall so a lovely place to have a coastal walk.

Killybegs is a small fishing town in Donegal. A short , scenic stroll into town and a little street of shops to mooch around. When we were visiting a local hotel put on a traditional Irish dancing show for guests of the ship organised by the Killybegs Cruise committee! How welcoming!

Dublin needs no introduction, Irelands captital is busy, friendly and usually wet! This no way dampens the mood afterall Ireland wouldn’t be famous for its stunning 40 shades of green without the rain! Potter around the city centre, around the shops or take an open bus tour. I’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy a day in Dublin!

Cobh, a quaint, hilly town close to Cork is a beautiful place to visit. Full of Titanic themed history, as she made her final call in Cobh before heading on her infamous journey across the Atlantic. Cobh is built up a steep hill, compromising of many beautiful colourful terraced houses. I suggest a walk to the top of the hill on the narrow zig zag roads, the view of the town and your ship will not disappoint.

Finally, in my opinion the two highlights of the cruise.

Firstly Guernsey, the second largest Channel Isle. A group of islands I am very fond of having visited many times throughout my life. Some childhood holidays were spent in guernsey, so I have very fond memories of the island. It is a different way of life, yet still the same money, the same language, close to home. The people are so friendly and the weather is often gorgeous. I usually now treat myself to a day trip to Sark, which is so beautiful, peaceful and quaint on a whole another level! Alas, the swell was sadly too high to perform a tender operation, luckily I am back in the Channel Isles for a dear friends wedding.

The best til last, The Faroe Isles.

Wow , breath taking, spectacular, like no place I have ever been to.

You must take a trip with the ship and see the scenery out of the capital city Torshavn. The scenery is fantastic, beautiful, surreal! Words can not do it justice, neither can my photographs. So , do please visit and see for yourselves!

3 responses to “Oriana June 2019 – Cruise overview”

  1. A great post! I’d definitely consider a UK cruise, they often seem quite expensive though compared to Europe. Did you get a good deal?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh they done seems expensive! I am very lucky, I went as a third person with my parents as my birthday / Christmas present for the year…
      I’m not sure why they are so expensive, maybe refuelling and docking fees etc is more in the UK?


  2. Thank you very much.
    They do indeed seem expensive.
    I was very lucky, it was a birthday / christmas present and my parents treated me.


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