Cruise Virgins…

Why do people who have never cruised always feel they are experts on what cruises are like? I would never comment on something I know nothing about and there are so many things I know nothing about!

I’ve heard all the opinions under the sun, ‘floating block of flats’ , ‘butlins on sea’ and the age old ‘oh I’m too young for Cruising’.

The irony of having a 70 year old tell me they are far too young for cruising, whilst knowing I was quite the addict. They did eventually try one and are now looking forward to their second. My smile hearing about the plans, no doubt reeks ‘I told you so’.

I’m very much of the mindset that mostly, I will try anything once and can not give an opinion on things I have never tried. I suppose opinions are what make us all so different and diverse. I am however quite the creature of habit, when I find something I like, I am loyal usually for far too long!

I’m unsure how in this day and age that people can genuinely believe cruising is for old people. Cruising if very much for everyone!

I aim over the next year to try new cruises. Different cruises from my usual, loyal, British P&O Cruises. To break that creature of habit-ness and experience other companies. I start with a Cunard Cruise in October!

Which Cruise Lines do you suggest? I’m open to any suggestions!

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