Why do I cruise?

So many people of my age don’t cruise!

This shocks me.

Cruises are by far the most exciting, relaxing, refreshing holiday’s I have ever taken.

I was introduced to cruising back in 2009.

My parents were new to cruising and my Dad insisted on sending my Mum and I on a Norwegian Fjord cruise aboard P&O Oceana.

The rest, as they say, is history.

20 P&O cruises later, having travelled around Africa, the Canaries, Spain, Portugal, France, Norway and the Caribbean multiple times I am still as in love with Cruising as when I first stepped aboard Oceana.

I’ve now converted my Husband and even my in laws.

As I embark on new travels, my 21st Cruise being with Cunard Cruise Line. I shall try to blog whilst aboard, shall try to post videos to my new you tube channel Nocruisecontrol85 and shall continue to post on my Instagram page @nocruisecontrol85

Please follow for lots more of cruisey Photos!

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