If you are visiting Greenock for the first time, I suggest taking a trip with the ship, if you fancy heading into Glasgow, get an express bus or the train! Greenock isn’t the poshest of places, it’s nice, the people are friendly, there’s a selection of shops around and I’ve always felt safe there.

Having lived between Glasgow and London for many years when I first met my husband. I know Glasgow and and the surrounding areas quite well. So when I visit Greenock I tend to stay in Greenock.

I awoke at around 0800 convinced I could hear bagpipes but wondering if my brain was just stereotyping! I got up. Opened the door and low and behold there was a sole piper playing. So apologies to the people of Greenock, subjected to me on the balcony in my PJs… not a pretty sight!

Ships dock in Clydeport, very close to the centre of Greenock. It’s a busy little container port and I find it fascinating at times watching the huge vehicles that transport the containers around, wondering what is in each container!

After disembarking for the day I head away from town and take a right turn towards the esplanade.

This enables me to join the Clyde Coastal path. I seemed to experience a lots of Scottish nature on my stroll along the Esplanade this year!

Walking along the Clyde-side you mix in with the locals walking their dogs . To the right you have magnificent views of the estuary and backwards towards your ship and to the left views of the fabulous large houses along the esplanade.

Peering over the sea wall. The water is crystal clear , the odd shell fallen over the footpath, dropped by the local birds.

Dotted along the walk are bits of history for you to stop and read about and views to stop and admire!

After a stroll along the Esplanade ( about a 1.5 miles walk there and back) you could head into town if there is anything you fancy or had forgotten. There’s mostly charity shops, discount stores and a very busy primark! There’s also a large Tesco for anything forgotten! Crew seem to go bezerk for clothes and chocolates in Greenock!

Oh departing Greenock they always put on a pipe band show. They’re fantastic, very talented folk. When the ship prepares to depart they ‘pipe’ up and commence a march up and down the dockside whilst playing their pipes and drums. Fabulous!

A lovely way to leave Greenock.

Do keep an eye out as you sail back down to the sea, you seem to sail a long way out between land and if it’s summer time, you’ll enjoy lovely Scottish Coastal views long into the evening!

How have you spent a day in Greenock?

What did you get up to?

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