The Faroe Isles : A truly breathing taking, surreal, Archipelago you really must visit!

Have you ever been to the Faroe Isles?

Where are the Faroe Isles?

The Faroe Isles are an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. They are a North Atlantic Archipelago of islands located just over 300km north north west of Scotland. They’re about halfway between Norway and Iceland.

What are the Faroe Isles like?

My first thought on seeing the beautiful scenery of these Islands was that they were like my home country’s Snowdonia, but on Steroids!

The terrain takes your breath away. With there being 18+ islands, you’re never far from the coast. The islands are rugged and rocky, consisting of peaks quickly falling to cliffs at the coastline.

Due to the Gulf Stream, temperatures stay above zero throughout the year. I visited in June and it was comfortable to walk around in a jumper and jeans.

When you dock in the Faroe Islands you will arrive in Torshavn, the capital. Don’t be alarmed if you dock and can’t see anything! The mist prevented me from seeing land from my Port side balcony! It they rained heavily for an hour or so, then in the afternoon we were rewarded with the most beautiful crisp, clear day.

I would definitely recommend a stroll around the Capital. It is beautiful, whatever the weather! I explored whilst it poured with rain, I expect the beauty is even more breath taking when you’re not rocking the drowned rat look! Do be aware of prices though, they are spectacularly high!

Do try to visit Torshavn Cathedral, you’ll notice it in town! It is the second oldest church in the Faroe Isles. It’s belongs to the Evangelical – Lutheran national church of the Faroe Isles.

If you’re visiting with a Ship, I do advise you take on one of their tours in order to see some of the Faroe Isles outside of Torshavn. It may well be expensive, however as it can be expensive to visit and not too many ships visit, then do treat yourself!

I went on a tour exploring the Isle of Vagar. The 3rd largest island. It is usually the first part of the Faroe isles people visit, as the islands only airport is located on it. The majority of the islands are connected by tunnels, I don’t envy the coach drivers! They’re not very wide tunnels!

There are an abundance of lakes, villages and waterfalls to visit. Ensure you have your camera, they’ll be no shortage of fabulous shots to take. It’s also an area incentivised by Birdlife international as a β€˜very important bird area’ so if you’re a nature / bird lover you will be in your element! I had hoped to glimpse a puffin, sadly not this time.

If I have managed to wet your appetite for a trip to the Faroe Isles have a look at

If you chose to fly to the Faroe Islands have a look at and

If you’re wanting to cruise there, the following cruise lines have itineraries visiting in 2020.

Oceania Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Princess Cruises

Crystal Cruises

Silversea Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises


Cunard Line

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