First impressions of Queen Victoria.

On embarking Queen Victoria you are immediately submerged into the famous traditional Cunard experience. Despite being a cruise ship she definitely oozes that historic Ocean Liner feel. Entering the Grand Lobby you are welcomed aboard by Fabulous White Line, Cunard Bell boys to the sound of a sophisticated String Trio. You could easily indulge in a fantasy of stepping aboard the Titanic!

In close proximity to the Grand Lobby is the equally Grand, Queens Room. A spectacular space spanning two decks, traditionally decorated, so very elegant, the perfect location for ballroom dancing! Waltzs , Jives, Tangos , Strictly has not a patch on here!

Wandering on a little further and you enter the magnificent Royal Arcade. The retro Grand clock commands the area and the gorgeous sweeping stairs gracefully curl from one deck to another. On the lower deck you have an array of slot machines and casino tables on the one side and a tradition Golden Lion Pub on the other. The upper deck is home to the shops of Queen Victoria, a wide range of clothes, toiletries, jewellery and bags await your perusal.

Even the lift lobbies aboard Queen Victoria are glamorous and extravagantly decorated. Art work of greats such as Charlie Chaplin adorn the walls, you really get the feel of stepping back into the Golden era of Ocean Liner travel.

Dinner aboard Queen Victoria is an excellent culinary experience. The Britannia restaurant may well be the venue for the cheaper cabins, but it sits firmly opposite the cheap end of the spectrum. The decor is fabulous, beautiful and it oozes world travel, the spinning globe and large British map, play centre stage to a striking Dining room set over two decks. Waiters and Sommeliers bustle around, formally dressed ensuring your dinner experience is nothing but luxurious.

Food is delicious, portions are large and service is impeccable.

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Maybe Cunard penned this wise snippet of advice. Breakfast aboard is quite simply, fabulous. There is so much choice. Upon sitting at your table either with your travel companions or with fellow passengers you are immediately asked which fruit juice you would like.

Next, your menu arrives, filled with a splendid mixture of healthy, traditional and sweet treats to start your day. The Eggs Benedict are delicious, two perfectly poached eggs, ham, muffins and a generous helping of Hollandaise sauce. An exquisite start to the day.

No cruise ship is complete without a breathtaking theatre. Queen Victoria’s certainly does not disappoint. Set over three decks it is, quite simply, magnificent. It’s contains 830 seats and is designed in the style of a classic opera house, including a generous amount of boxes, which can be hired for a fee. When on board you can contact the concierge to book a box experience. White Star Bell boys will offer you finger deserts and a champagne cocktail in a private lounge before escorting you to your box where the staff will serve you chocolates and champagne whilst you watch a show. Sounds like a lovely treat!

The dance and singing troupe aboard are fantastic. No dance too hard, no note too high.

They spin and flip around the stage with such apparent ease. A wonderful show to relax to after dinner.

The non cruiser frequently likes to protest how bored they would be on sea days. The avid cruiser, meanwhile, knows there is no time to feel bored on a sea day! Cunard absolutely prevent any feeling of bored ness. There is always something to do!

A sea day is for relaxation, enrichment and wellbeing! Talks range from acupuncture, to the spoken memoirs of a gentleman who worked for the Queen. Port presentations, to help you plan for upcoming adventures to a lecture about the life and works of a particular artist, you may then even chose to invest in a piece of art whilst on board. There is no opportunity to be bored on any cruise ship, let alone a Cunard Ship!

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