5 things to know before you fly out to meet your P&O Caribbean Fly Cruise!

⁃ Check Your passport, it may seem silly but do check you’ve got your passport and check it’s in date. There’s nothing like the panic of realising your ability to leave the country to sunnier clims will be hampered by some over looked life admin!

⁃ Treat yourself to a night at the airport the night before. There are lots of deals to be had, you don’t need to spend much money. You can choose from a budget pod style hotel room to a budget large hotel room all super close to check in for a lovely little lie in in the morning!

⁃ Book a lounge. Start your fortnight of rest and relaxation as you mean to go on! Don’t spend much, there are deals to be sought, you may even have access with your bank account. Chose a lounge and relax in an area a bit more peaceful than the main departure lounge of the airport.

⁃ If you’re cruising with P&O to the Caribbean, you needn’t worry about your luggage. Check it in in the UK then the next time you’ll see it will be outside your cabin aboard your ship. The same will happen on your return. Super efficient!

⁃ Finally… if you’re travelling to warm Caribbean , wear layers to travel. The UK will be cold, the airplane may be cold, I can assure you the Caribbean will be warm! You’ll have a short bus trip and a short period of standing queueing to check in, so to ensure you start your holiday nice and chilled… make sure you’ve layers you can strip off easily!

Most importantly happy travels and have a fabulous Cruise!

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