5 + places to eat dinner aboard P&O Britannia

You’re on a Britannia cruise, you’re starving (humour me) you fancy some dinner….

Let me suggest some options for you to satisfy your hunger!

1. Head to the main dining room aboard, you will be allocated to the Oriental restaurant if you’re club dining. Club dining involves you choosing a dining time of 18:30 or 20:30 and sticking to it for the cruise. In the Caribbean, if you want to see sailaways, choose the second sitting. if you chosen or been allocated Freedom dining, then your restaurant is the Peninsular or the Meridian restaurant. On a Caribbean cruise you’ll find out when you check in which restaurant you’re in. On other cruises you tend to have a card waiting for you in your cabin. The main dining room has a delicious menu, changing every day. You can order a starter, soup, main, desert, cheese and biscuits and coffee, either everything if you really are starving or a selection. Chilled filtered water will be served to you by your waiting staff, a wine steward will offer you wine , or drinks from the bar to accompany your meal.

2. Head up to Deck 16 to the Horizon restaurant . Take in the views! I’ve cruised on many ships and so far all Buffets have been high up overlooking the ocean. The Horizon is the buffet restaurant on board Britannia. You can eat from 06:30 to 0200 if you so desire. Each dinner time is themed, check the horizon newspaper or signs in the Horizon for information about the Daily theme, they tend to be Spanish, Chinese, Indian, tex mex , everyone’s bound to find something delicious! Just mind the age old infliction of you eyes being bigger than your stomach!

The Horizon

3. Select dining venues, Britannia has Sindhu, The Limelight club and the Epicurean. You pay a little more for these venues, they’re definitely worth the experience! Treat yourself. Sindhu serves a delicious fusion of British and Indian food. Portions are large and service is impeccable. Do be adventurous the food isn’t too hot so try something new! The Limelight club allows for you to experience the traditional supper club, sit down and eat a menu of delicious cruise food whilst you listen to a star singing. Stars vary from Suzanne Shaw, to Gareth Gates, to a four poofs with a piano to Ray Quinn! Some household names to look out for! The Epicurean is a beautiful venue high up on the 16th floor near the crows nest. However the fantastic , sometimes unusually presented food is so fabulous that it can easily distract you from the stunning view! Don’t expect normal food here, expect delicious food with maybe an unusual twist or a bit of a show around the cooking or serving. Don’t forget your camera! You may want to add a photo or two to the β€˜gram, did you even eat it if it’s not posted to the β€˜gram?

The entrance to the Limelight Club

4. Head to the Beach House, on the 16th floor in a corner of the Horizon, is a relaxed sort of tex mex themed restaurant. Open only in the evening, reservations are recommended. A good choice for a casual yet extremely delicious meal. Service is impeccable. Sometimes in the Caribbean you can eat outside and half of the sunset bar will be used by the Beach House, to allow for fantastic aft views whilst eating your dinner!

5. Head to olly Smiths Glasshouse for your dinner. No reservations required. If you fancy a delicious steak, maybe some tapas or some scrumptious fish and chips head to the GlassHouse. It will come at no surprise , seeing as it’s Olly Smiths Glasshouse, that they’ll be a fabulous wine recommended to complement your delicious dinner! Treat yourself you’re on your holidays


Finally and by no means least and unusual choice for dinner… treat yourself to a Chefs table dinner. These take place in the Cookery club. Britannia themed Chefs Hosted dinner’s include Caribbean Island roots, Thai Street food and an inspired by Marco menu. A little more pricy at Β£45 pound each. However a unique experience, the tips the professional cooks give you could well be priceless!


If there’s just too much choice , your final option is room service! You’ll find a menu in your cabin. Room service is delicious but you’ve paid for your cruise! Head out some where… I would expect the most popular room service time is breakfast…

Have a fabulous dinner wherever you chose to eat. I can assure you wherever you chose the food will be delicious, beautifully presented and fabulously served!

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