5 reasons to go on The Coastal Cruise and snorkel Yacht tour in Bonaire.

Coastal Cruise and snorkel by Yacht

Beautiful Bonaire, an island with the Moto Unhurried – Unspoiled – Unforgettable.

Spot on! Bonaire is a special municipality within the Netherlands, it’s 50 miles North of Venezuela and only 30 miles away from CuraΓ§ao. Widely acclaimed to be one of the top two diving areas in the world, with thousands of acres of underwater national park, I do suggest you try to spend the day on a water related trip! Independent or with your ships Excursion team.

Have a read of my five reasons why you should go on a Coastal cruise and snorkel trip in Bonaire!

1. You sail aboard a beautiful little yacht. No catamaran here, an actual yacht, sit up on deck or down at the back with the Captain. You sail, lean and glide through the waters whilst sitting back, relaxing and watching the two crew members work hard!

2. This is a small group tour, 6 on one boat and 12 on their other slightly bigger yacht. You feel like you’re on a private trip minus the price tag of a private trip! A very small crew to passenger ratio so extra specially attentive service!

3. Free drinks before and after snorkelling. Crew won’t serve alcoholic drinks prior to snorkelling for safety reasons. There is a wide variety of cooling drinks, service is super quick with only 6 of you on board! Attentive service ensures you’ll never feel thirsty and you’ll most certainly feel well looked after. Always good to stay well hydrated! If you’re choosing to drink alcohol maybe alternate alcoholic with non alcoholic drinks, wouldn’t want anyone stumbling on deck!

4. Fantastic snorkelling! Bonaire is fabulous for diving and with that comes fabulous snorkelling. It’s like swimming through a set of Finding Nemo, ensure you have an underwater camera with you and marvel over all the colourful, fabulous fish! In order to snorkel you will need to wear a safety vest, this is non negotiable, if you’re a strong swimmer you’ve no need to inflate it. If you’re not a confident swimmer, this safety vest can be inflated to allow you to float in the water, you can also use a noodle for extra stability. The snorkelling is fantastic, do try to have the confidence to pop in the sea.

5. Finally beautiful views over Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are to be enjoyed at the end of this tour. Admire the glorious scenery of the beautiful islands with a refreshing cool drink in hand. Top up that tan and enjoy the beautiful sunshine as you sail back to the marina before the short trip back to the ship.

Don’t forget your sunscreen , aboard a yacht with the Caribbean winds you don’t realise how quickly you burn. Ensure you top up your sunscreen regularly especially after being in the sea. Especially your lips and ears, places often forgotten! Take care with oily spray sun creams aboard boat decks as they make the plastic decks very slippery!

Have fun if you chose to take a yacht tour in Bonaire πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ά

Bon Voyage!

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