5 places to breakfast aboard P&O Britannia

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Especially aboard a cruise ship, you need to sustain yourself for all the exploring and further eating of the day!

1. Head to the Horizon Buffet, a continental breakfast is served from 06:30 to noon then cooked items are served from 0700-1100. The horizon is usually busy! The choice is immense, take a wander round to the different stations. Everything is self service. You may be lucky enough to enjoy your breakfast on a table next to the floor to ceiling windows, a beautiful view out to see from the 16th deck.

2. If you’re eyes are bigger than your stomach or you’d prefer a more refined breakfast you must head to one of the main dining restaurants for your breakfast. The Peninsular or Oriental restaurants are open from approx 07:30 til 09:30 depending on port or sea days. You’ll be seated on a table size of your choice (if you’re not a morning person you can always request a table for two) and you can then enjoy a table service of breakfast. Perhaps try one of the breakfast dishes of the day, or treat yourself to your favourite cooked selection.

3. If you’re planning a day by the pool and dont want to leave your sunlounger why not treat yourself to a grab and go breakfast from the poolside grills on deck 16. Grab and go breakfast items are served from 08:00 to 11:00 and you won’t miss a moment of Caribbean sunshine!

4. You could always treat yourself to breakfast in bed! Ensure you fill out the breakfast order form, found in your cabin before you retire for the night and be woken in the morning with a delicious feast of breakfast goodies! Make sure you take the do not disturb sign off before you catch some beauty sleep!

5. Finally an option for suite passengers, you can head on up to the Epicurean restaurant and treat yourself to a delicious, luxurious start to the day served alongside a wonderful 16th floor forward view! Nothing is too much bother, service is impeccable and the special menu includes extra little treats to make your Suite experience just that little bit more magical.

Breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day, treat yourself!

Bon AppΓ©tit !

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