5 tips about your main restaurant freedom dining meal aboard P&O Cruises

You are on your holidays, you do not have to cook, you have a selection of chefs to cook the finest foods for you each evening. Whether you head to the Main dining room or your club dining venue here are some tips for you to make the most of your luxury dining experiences aboard specifically a P&O ship!

1. It is possible to chose the size of table you wish to dine at. You may feel cruises are all about meeting new people and wish to share a table every night, alternatively you may work with people every day and chose to spend your mealtimes with only your loved ones for company. Either is achievable aboard a ship. If you prefer tradition club dining , eating dinner at either the first or second sitting then you can request a table size on booking your cruise, requests will be honoured as far as availability allows, if you’ve booked the same cruise as friends or family you can link bookings to ensure you are sat together. This can be done by one half ringing P&O for a linking password and the the other half giving the password to P&O, to ensure people you’d rather avoid can’t link with your booking! Alternatively if you chose the more modern Freedom dining option you are free to dine when the restaurant is open. On attending the restaurant you are assigned to, you will be offered a choice of table size. If you requested size is not available, you will be given a pager to wait. Most people then go to a bar close to the restaurant and enjoy a pre dinner drink whilst awaiting your pager to ring, then you return to the restaurant and get taken to your table. I have never waited long for a table and often get seated to a table for 2 or 4 depending who I am travelling with, very quickly!

2. When you’re sat at your table, you may be offered the option of still or sparking water. Do remember there is always the choice of tap water too. Being on a ship the tap water is delicious, it’s usually desalinated Water that the ship produces and tastes lovely especially cooled with iced. Waiters will continue to top up your glass throughout your meal.

3. Remember you’re on holiday, within reason , eat what you like! Make the most of trying out new things you wouldn’t usually at home, you can rest assured they’ll be cooked to perfection and if you don’t like it, you won’t go hungry! Push the boat out if you want a starter then soup, have two starters. Alternatively if you want a dessert then cheese and biscuits, treat yourself! I can’t imagine it’s a routine you’ll keep up for the whole holiday, but if you can’t chose on some days, treat yourself. Maybe go for a mile stroll around deck the following day to burn off a few extra calories. The hard core calorie burning can begin on your return home!

4. On formal nights menus may show a suggested menu from a chef such as Marco Pierre White, but don’t feel you have to stick to his suggestions. You can mix and match a combination of the suggested menu and the main menu to create your own personalised special menu!

5. During your meal a wine steward will visit your table offering a selection of wines or other drinks you wish to accompany your meal. Ask them for suggestions and they will help you choose your perfect tipple. Do remember if you treat yourself to a bottle of wine and don’t manage to finish it, then will be able to store it for you til the following evening to enjoy with your next dinner.

Eating fine food is a large part of the cruising experience. Be adventurous, be greedy (within reason!) , most importantly enjoy yourself. You don’t always have such talented chefs catering to your every taste so do make the most of it!

Bon AppΓ©tit!

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