5 reason to take the Shore Excursion, Champagne, Lobster and snorkel in Grenada.

Grenada lies 90 miles north of Trinidad and 68 miles south west of St Vincent, it is the most southerly of the the Windward islands.

It is known as the Island of Spice due to its production of Nutmeg. Grenada is a lush green, tropical island with mountainous, rainforest and beautiful coastal areas. There are so many beautiful places to visit, or if you fancy a very relaxing day, take a water taxi to the beautiful Grand Anse beach.

If you fancy a day sailing I do suggest you take a boat tour. One of which is the Champagne, Lobster and Snorkel trip with Shadowfax.

I thoroughly enjoy this trip having taken it around 5-6 times over the years. If you fancy trying it have a read of my tips!

1. Despite the name, if you’re not a champagne or Lobster fan, please don’t be put off by the name of this trip. The crew carry a full bar and you don’t need to drink any fizz if you don’t fancy it. Before leaving the cruise terminal you’ll be asked if you want an alternative to the Lobster, if you’ve any food sensitivities or simply don’t like Lobster, you can alternatively have chicken kebabs, fish kebab or even vegetable kebabs. All of which look as delicious as the humongous Lobsters they serve.

This photo doesn’t do justice to the size of Lobster you’ll receive!

2. The first part of the trip takes you to visit the underwater sculpture park. If you’re a poor swimmer do use fins the current can be a little strong at times, you’ll be in great hands with the crew who guide you around the park. Listen to their instructions, they’re locals, they do this day in, day out and know their stuff!

3. After snorkelling, find a spot on deck to relax and enjoy the sail back towards Hog island you’ll sail along the coast across the Caribbean Sea. Drinks will be served, including an alcoholic beverage if you so desire. You will also sail into the Atlantic Ocean, all I will say is, hold on and prepare to get wet!

4. On arrival to Hog Island, lunch is served! Delicious BBQ-Ed food and fantastic attentive service. The fizz pours, then the wine is on tap. Do be careful and don’t drink too much, it may be only to easy to keep drinking, you do need to get back on the boat for the trip back!

5. Ensure you Slap on the sunscreen! Especially after you’ve been for a swim. It can get windy whilst sailing on this trip and most of the Caribbean islands. With the wind the boiling sun doesn’t feel so hot, do try not to burn!

If you chose to try out this excursion have a fantastic time!

Bon Voyage

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