5 reasons to go on the St Vincent Schooner tour in St Vincent

St Vincent is a lovely little Caribbean Island. The main island of the Windward isles with a group of islands called the Grenadines around it. Beyond the Cruise terminal complex is the traditional Caribbean town of Kingstown. Venture out of Kingstown and you’ll find a Caribbean island in its natural state, as yet rather untouched by mass tourism. Barter with a cab driver to take a group of you on an island tour, don’t forget your camera!

Alternatively head off on a boat trip, read on to hear specifically about the St Vincent Schooner trip.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 where largely filmed in St Vincent. Once you board Scarmooche you’ll be told about her specific pirates of the Caribbean heritage! Sailing along the coast of St Vincent allows for the local guide to point out areas of interest in relation to the film. Any die hard fan will have no problem recognising the sights! Disney spent around 8 months working on their island and it is evident how grateful they are. There were extra job opportunities for locals, the excitement of filming and hosting Hollywood stars and the ability to use this film to help with tourism, the largest source of income for the Island. Don’t forget your camera to capture some of these sights!

2. Whilst you aboard your boat, you’ll have a fantastic view of your ship. You’ll be docked right in front of your cruise ship, so ensure you’ve your camera handy! A perfect opportunity for a ship selfie if you so desire. When your boat starts sailing you’ll head out across the Kingstown bay and will be perfectly placed for more fabulous photographs of your ship!

3. The local Sion Hill Europium band will join you aboard your boat to play a wide variety of Steel band music whilst you sail along the St Vincent coast. They’re fantastic, they play old classic, Caribbean songs and even recent pop songs. Come rain or shine they’ll play. Enjoy yourself, relax, sip a fruit punch (pre snorkelling) listen to the Caribbean sounds whilst bathing in the St Vincentian sunshine! St Vincent is a beautiful , fertile, lush island so don’t be surprised if a bit of liquid sunshine falls (rain to us pessimistic non locals) rain showers don’t last for long.always be on the look out for a fabulous rainbow after a visit from liquid sunshine!

4. This tour gives you the opportunity to swim on a beach Queen Elizabeth II has swam on many years ago, affectionately called Queens Beach by the locals. I recommend being adventurous and diving into the sea from the boat, you’ll dock a bit out , so the sea is deep enough. There’s a short swim for a strong swimmer to shore. Alternatively hop in the little motorboat and be driven to shore. There’s a ladder to navigate down into the boat, the crew are on hand with support if you require it. St Vincent has the more unusual black sand beaches, due to its volcanic rock. Though not a stereotypical white sand Caribbean beach, St Vincent’s beaches are really quite beautiful in their unique way. Take the chance of some exercise and swim back to the boat!

5. Once back on board the rum punch now flows. I’m not much of a drinker, I generally don’t like the taste of alcohols, but this Rum punch is delicious, it would be rude not to have a try whilst you’re in the Caribbean. They may scare you that their local rum is something like 84% proof, but watered down with delicious fruit juice and you’ll find yourself quite the refreshing drink to enjoy in the sunshine. Of course, with rum punch, sunshine and a Steele band you may find some dancing, or even a conga line may occur on the Sail back to shore… relax, you’re on your holidays!

Enjoy your trip!

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