5 tips for a Shore Excursion to the Windjammer resort, St Lucia.

Windjammer Landing is nestled on 60 acres of Saint Lucia’s northwest coast in Labrelotte Bay.

If you fancy such a day of luxury with a minimal amount of people from your ship, book a day escape to the Winjammer resort with your shore excursions team. Let me give you five tips to make the most of your day.

1. You can pack lightly for the day. No need to take your cruise ship towel with you, the hotel will point you in the direction of the towel hut on your arrival and you’ll be issued a towel for a day. A lovely , large, fluffy towel!

2. On arrival to the hotel you’ll be issued with a dated day pass. This will enable you to use the facilities of the hotel and enable you to use the bar. All drinks are included, the cocktails are delicious!Everything from delicious pina coladas to more unusual and also delicious Banana Daiquiri. Collect your all inclusive drinks from the bar, all drinks and cocktails are included. The barman will give you a receipt to sign and will ask you to write down your ship name and your name. Don’t worry you won’t be charged!

3. The hotel has many sunlounger a set up on the beach, help yourself to any free sunlounger. Walk along the beach and there is another bar to sit close to. Alternatively if you fancy a day by the pool , take a sunlounger up next to the large swimming pool and be close to the bar up there! Sit up by the pool, close to another bar. Wherever you chose to sit, I can assure you, you’ll have a fabulous day!

4. Lunch is included. Enjoy lunch at embers beach bar or in the hotel restaurant up by the pool. The 4 times I’ve visited I’ve had my lunch in the Embers beach bar. Around lunchtime it becomes more a beach cafe than a bar, tables will be set and you’ll be sat at a table by one of the waiting staff. You should dress appropriately to dine, ladies can wear a cover up , gentlemen must wear a t shirt or shirt. The Chicken roti wrap is delicious!

5. After lunch head over to the ice cream hut and treat yourself to some ice cream, either in a cone or a cup. The Merry Mint flavour is delicious!

5 tips, if you visit Windjammer Landing, St Lucia on a ship shore excursion.

At the end of your day you will be collected by mini bus and driven back to your ship.After a fantastic day spent at Windjammer resort.

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