5 common misconceptions about cruising. (Which need banishing!)

Any cruiser having a conversation about cruising, with some who is not yet addicted, will of heard all the excuses and misconceptions people so commonly come up with about cruising.Let me dispel 5 myths non cruisers love to share!

1. β€œOh cruising is so expensive”. No it really doesn’t need to be! Cruising is as expensive as you want it to be and equally can be as cheap as you want it to be! If you’re looking for a cruise on a stricter budget look out for deals on sites such as http://www.iglu.com. Do your research, look on youtube for expert tips on spending less booking cruises. Investigate deals and be flexible and I can assure you , you’ll find a cruise for you!

2. β€œI don’t have a dinner jacket or a Ball gown” this is no excuse not to cruise! Yes some cruise lines do have formal nights, they are so much fun to join in, there are not many places nowadays where one can dress up and enjoy a posh night out. However if a dinner jacket or ball gown really isn’t for you, there are cruise lines with a far more smart casual attitude. Alternatively if you do like the most formal cruise lines but don’t fancy the dressing up there are always alternatives, suits and ties are acceptable attire and if you really want to stay in your shorts and t shirt you can always head to the buffet or even have room service on the formal nights.

3. β€œI get sea sick” Do not use sea sickness as an excuse to deprive yourself from the best type of holiday ever. To be fair, most cruise ships are huge and you hardly feel them move. Keep yourself busy, don’t think about the movement. If you know you’re a bit sensitive to motion take some prophylactic Anti emetics and worse case scenario head on down to the medical centre and they can give you an Intramuscular Antiemetic.

4. β€œCruise ships are full of old people” Full of old people, please! This is so immensely ignorant, don’t make such assumptions, don’t miss out on trying the best way to holiday ever, by assuming something! There are many different cruise lines. Some do have older people, there are specialist lines for people over 50 like Saga, other cruise lines cater for any age group. Others have a right old mixture of people. Besides if there are some β€˜old’ people, (however you define old) if you take the time to chat about their cruise experiences you’ll have so many ideas to add to your travel bucket list!

5. β€œI’d be bored” No , no , no. If you’re bored on a cruise ship, is says more about you than it does about the ship! It is not possible to be bored aboard a ship. There are constant activities, lectures, parties, cinema showings, spa, cookery lesion, feeding times, even libraries to find a book to read whilst relaxing on your balcony or the promenade deck. You can not be bored on a cruise ship, it’s just not possible.

Make 2020 the year you try a cruise!Then when you love it and you become addicted. You’ll have more years of your life to enjoy unlimited amounts of cruises! If you are weird and do not like it, well then I think you may be beyond help….
Bon Voyage!

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