5 reasons to take a trip with Ocean Daze when you are in Barbados

If your cruise starts or finishes in Barbados , treat yourself. Live like a lottery winner for a few hours! Buy a couple of spots for you and your loved one aboard Ocean Daze.
Ocean Daze is a beautiful Catamaran owned by the same gentleman who owns the Boatyard in Carlisle Bay.

You can chose either a daytime sailing or an afternoon and sunset sail, or push the boat out and live the life of luxury for the whole day!
Let me give you five reasons to treat yourself to a day of luxury, fabulous service and fantastic drinks and food in one of the most beautiful places in the World!
1. From the moment you’re welcomed aboard by your crew, you realise that they really want to make your trip special. Nothing is too much bother and you’re really made to feel welcome and like the boat is your private boat! In order to keep this facade going the crew try hard to sail in different directions to all the mass boat trips leaving Shallow Draught for the morning. Then turn left out of the harbour and we turned right! Away from the crowds equals perfection! We ended up snorkelling privately with the turtles in Payne’s bay whilst the masses snorkelled in Carlisle bay.

2. There will be two set snorkel stops during your tour. Equipment is included , which you can chose to borrow if you so desire. For any snorkelling in the Caribbean I suggest you take an underwater camera, the sights are amazing! Once off the boat your guide will point out the wildlife, then feed the turtles and fish in order to attract them towards you. Get your camera ready and prepare to be overwhelmed the first few times at just how close the turtles and fish come! On my most recent trip 3 of us snorkelled. It is fantastic to have a snorkel guide to so few people and you really feel like you get a much more relaxed experience with the turtles and fish compared to the mass boat trips that operate.

3. Throughout the trip the delicious food and fabulous drinks (you must try the pina coladas) just keep coming! Make sure you turn up hungry and thirsty, you’ll be spoilt with breakfast and fruit juice, then drinks get a bit harder as soon as you desire. The food is delicious. Do let them know before hand if you have an special dietary requests. The drinks menu is similar to the boatyard menu. So treat yourself to a shark bite or any other drink you so desire! Crew will continue to serve you wherever you end up relaxing on the boat. You really feel spoilt and that glass will never empty!

4. Prior to lunch being served, the boat is out to anchor in a beautiful Barbados bay. Feel free to go for a swim, laze in the rubber rings attached to the back of the boat or even try your hand at paddle boarding! The crew prepare a delicious, filling lunch and will call you aboard when it is ready.

5. Finally if you’re not going for an afternoon trip, do head along to the boatyard. You get free admission included with the ticket for this trip and you can continue the fun themed day on the golden sands of Carlisle Bay!

If you’re looking for a way to spoilt yourselves and cheer yourselves up that you’re leaving beautiful Barbados. Look no further than this fantastic trip!

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