5 reasons to visit Oistins in Barbados.

Have you heard about Oistins Fish Fry?If you’re staying in Barbados on a Friday Night you must go and experience the atmosphere in Oistins Fish Fry!Oistins is a coastal town in the southern Barbados parish of Christ Church, it is a major fishing community on the island, you’ll find some of the freshest fish on the island sold here!Head over by cab, bus or often a trip organised by your ship.Let me give you 5 reasons to visit!

1. The atmosphere in Oistins on a Friday night is fabulous. A really party atmosphere. The party spread along the coastal town, around the fish market and along the main road, the whole town is a party! Island music fills the air and you’ll soon find yourself dancing off the delicious feast you’ve eaten! As there are big groups around and lots of tourists from everywhere do make sure you keep your valuables close or better still leave them safe in your cabin safe on board your ship.

2. You can get to Oistins by cab from Bridgetown, it’s around about a 20 mins taxi ride away, ensure you decide on a price before getting into your cab. You don’t necessarily need the same cab driver returning as there will be lots of cabs in Oistins. Local buses also head to Oistins and all buses will be around $2 Barbados dollars, if you’re au fait with the buses go for it, otherwise may be get your head around them on some day time visits first. Ask any of the locals if you need some help, in my experience they bend over backwards to try and help tourists. If you’re lucky your ship may put on an unhosted bus trip out to Oistins and bring you back much later in the evening. Keep a look out in your ship newspaper or ask your Shore Excursion team once aboard ship.

3. Delicious fish! Blue Marlin, Flying Fish, Tuna, King Fish, Swordfish, Red Snapper, Bill fish, Salmon, Shrimp, Lobster, Mahi-Mahi – as you can tell you won’t be short of choice of fish! There are alternatives such as chicken and pork, but do try the fish! You won’t get is any fresher and it is delicious, cooked in front of you and served with a feast of rice , macaroni pie, fries, salad etc. You’re in for such a scrumptious feast, do treat yourself! Then join the locals by washing it all down with a local Banks Beer!

4. There aren’t many towns were everyone joins and eats dinner together right next to the beach. Make the most of the friendly atmosphere. After you’ve watched your fish cooked in front of you, then take a seat amongst locals and tourists alike, seating is plentiful and everyone is so friendly in the perfect Caribbean laid back party atmosphere.

5. Enjoy the background music of Oistins, a variety of music will play throughout the night, do get up and have a dance if you fancy! Music ranges from disco, to reggae, to hip hop, to latest chart toppers! A right eclectic mix! On the stage they’ll be break dancers, moon walkers even people trying to dance like Elvis, don’t be nervous get up there and strut your stuff!

You need to try Oistins Fish Fry at least once if you’re visiting Barbados and free on a Friday night. It’s not an experience for everyone, you either love it or enjoy your first experience but don’t feel the need to visit again. But you must experience it at least the once!
Happy Partying!

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