5 reasons you should go on a Cruise in 2020!

I started cruising in my early twenties and was constantly asked was I not a bit young for cruising. Those years ago, I was usually one of the youngest cruisers by a good few years, but that was probably more due to the demographics of the ships I was sailing on. Think Adult only, average age of around 60-70.If you’ve never been on a cruise, make it a New Years resolution to try one! I’d put good money on you becoming addicted and you will have such a fabulous time. Let me give you 5 reasons why I feel you should try a cruise in 2020.

1. Cruising is such great value for money. It’s like a cleaner, more organised version of travelling. Instead of cheap hostels you take your luxury hotel with you! You’ll find a wide variety of cruises available to book, some may be far more expensive than others. Do your research before you book and work out what is included in the cruise lines you want to sail with. Generally the more expensive the fare, the more likely you are to have a suite style accommodation , included premium drinks and possibly included shore excursions. A cheaper basic fare may not necessarily be the cruise for you if you enjoy wine with every meal, a cruise line with such treats included in the basic fare may be more sensible .

2. Cruising is such a fabulous way to spend quality time with loved ones, friends or family. You can chose to take everyone you love on a cruise together, it is a holiday all ages can enjoy together on the right ship. Alternatively you can cruise on an adult only ship and just take your loved one to enjoy a romantic cruise with just the two of you. You can have a thoroughly energetic cruise and have a super daredevil activity booked at every port, even on board, on some ships! Or you can totally turn off and relax. You can make your cruise exactly what you want!

3. Which other holiday would have you skip off to sleep in one country , to wake up fresh and raring to explore in a totally new country? Your luxury hotel has travelled with you, so you’ve absolutely to need to pack and unpack and all travel and customs arrangements have effortlessly happened without any stress on your part. What is there not to love?

4. In this busy world of landlines, email, pagers, texts, mobile phones etc there is often not a moment to yourself to think! Spending a day on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean is the perfect way to relax, your phone will work on a maritime network, you’ll kiss goodbye to further cruises when you pay your phone bill! Make the most of being able to turn it off and reconnect with your loved ones, friends and family. Talk, relax, have fun!The benefits for your health, well-being and relationships are immense! In fact why not keep your phone turned off and in the cabin safe for the whole cruise?

5. You will never have encountered food, like food on a ship. Despite being confined to a ship, I can guarantee you will have never seen the amount of food that you will see. Think of any type of food, any special diet, anything at all and I reckon the ship will have it. Pace yourself, there is always plenty of food, don’t give yourself indigestion or heartburn trying to eat it all on the first day. Try everything and anything but do it in moderation, you don’t want to be the person who returns from a cruise having put on two stone!

Most importantly , try a cruise. Don’t poo hoo one until you try it. Have a fabulous time!
Bon Voyage

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