5 things I am missing about Cruising!

No Cruise Control ©️

We all miss cruising at the moment.

Those of us who enjoy holidaying by cruise are extremely lucky, yes I feel sorry for us, yes we all need time off and a break from work. However my sympathies and concern lie with the fabulous staff of the various cruise lines we sail the seven seas with. Not to mention all the people in the world suffering grief or hardship due to COVID19.We have all seen the numerous efforts cruise companies have taken to look after their staff and to repatriate them home, all over the world. Between complaining about not receiving refunds, confirmation of future cruise credit and not actually being on a cruise ship, we must think of the others less fortunate than us. If we have the headspace to complain that we are not on a cruise, we should feel extremely lucky…Despite my little rant, I want to think of happier times, I want you to think of happier times. Thoughts about what you enjoy about cruising. Happy memories of cruising!If you’re reading here , it’s likely you love cruising too! Let me know what you are missing?

1. I really miss travelling the World.

Britannia in FlΓ₯m, Norway. No Cruise Control ©️

I miss experiencing other cultures and traditions. I miss sitting and watching how people of the world behave. I miss trying the different foods and drinks of the world, I do feel that has become very I, I, I. I know from the cruise community on social media, that so many people are missing it. Many people feel there is no better holiday than taking your luxury hotel around the world with you! Hopefully it will be safe to travel again soon, who knows when. One day. Things may never go back to before covid times, but changes will be made for the better, to protect us, to protect everyone. I’m not sure exactly how cruising will look in the future, but I do know that companies will put our safety first. I have every faith in the companies I usually cruise with and lets face it, we all know that ships are far cleaner than almost everywhere on dry land!

2. I miss the peace of being out at Sea.

Wake views from the former Oriana, No Cruise Control ©️

The quietness, the tranquility, the calmness. The ability to completely turn off, gaze out to nothing between you and the horizon and deeply breath in the fresh sea air. The relaxing noise of the gentle waves hitting the side of the ship, or occasionally marvel in the immense power of the force 12 waves crashing and banging against the side of the ship.

3. I miss the fantastic Crew!

Our Butler Eddie, aboard Britannia. No Cruise Control ©️

Nothing is too much bother, they’re so friendly, service is fantastic, they’re just such a credit to the companies they work for and I genuinely don’t think you can not get service anywhere on dry land , like you can on a ship! I just think ship crew are utterly fabulous and I hope they are all safe, well, being looked after by their companies currently!

4. Oh my, I miss the wonderful food!

Peninsular Luncheon – No Cruise Control ©️

Delicious healthy breakfast, scrumptious light lunches, fantastic Gala dinners. I find I eat healthier and more sensibly on ships, which I assume probably isn’t the case for all! I am in awe of the food and beverages team aboard cruise ships, to cater for such numbers with such delicious food is mind boggle-ing . I can’t ever thank them enough for the services they provide and am so grateful to all their hard work. I really hope that they’re safe, well and are currently being looked after well by their cruise line employers.

5. I miss formal nights

Posing on a formal Night. No Cruise Control ©️

There is nothing stopping people dressing up formal for dinner at home, but quite frankly I am lazy and wouldn’t feel comfortable at home, stick me on a ship though and I absolutely love a formal night. I love watching everyone dressed so smartly, the ladies in their fabulous frocks, the men looking very smart in their Dinner Jackets. The only place you’d see this on dry land is perhaps at an award ceremony or a themed wedding and lets face it, there are not many of them happening at the moment!
All in all, I really miss cruising, I know many of us do. I can not wait to return once it’s safe to do so!Keep safe, look after one another, especially the fabulous cruise ship crew!When it is safe to be back, we will be back, in the mean time take care all!

Britannia in FlΓ₯m, Norway.
Britannia in FlΓ₯m, Norway. No Cruise control ©️

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