5 Things not to forget to take on a Cruise!

Oh how exciting, you’ve booked a cruise, you’re either already addicted or about to be. Now you need to start thinking about what to pack! Do check out my P&O dress code post for advice on those formal nights! They seem to be the part of cruises , new cruisers worry about the most. However, do not worry, your cruise should be enjoyable, if you do not fancy dressing up don’t! If you do, do, simple! You need to make your holiday what you want it to be.Have a read of the five things, I can not cruise without! You may need to remember to pack them too!

1. Camera

You are going to experience so many fabulous things over the course of your cruise, be it 2 nights on board, or 2 months! You will want to snap away to remember these experiences, to show them to friends and family to convert them to cruising too! You do not need a posh camera, a mobile phone camera will do. If you are on a cruise that could included snorkelling and swimming in the sea, I would recommend treating yourself to an underwater camera, no need for a branded one, whatever your budget allows!

2. Chargers

Apple ©️

You do not want your camera’s battery to die at any moment during your cruise! Who knows when the latest selfie moment might show itself! I tend to use my iPhone as a camera and will always have a thin line battery pack to hand to prevent any low battery dramas. You want to have the ability to capture every moment of your cruise. I rarely need to use the battery pack but it is always nice to have it handy just in case! It also might be a sensible idea to have the battery pack available in case for any reason you need to ring the ship whilst exploring ashore.

3. Swimming Costume / Trunks

Shein ©️

If you are going on a fly cruise to a warmer country, I do advise you to pop a bathing costume into your hand luggage and wear layers to travel. You may leave a cold home, but on arrival to your destination, you might be longing for a dip in the pool in the sunshine. Your suitcases may take slightly longer than you to find your cabin, so if you have your costume handy, you can change and waste no precious (safe) sunbathing minutes! Don’t worry about a large towel, your cruise company will have towels for you to use, either beach towels in your Cabin or towels available around the pool areas.

4. Plug adapters

Argos ©️

In this day and age most of us have lots of electronics to charge. Think cameras, phones, iPads, kindles! Older ships might have less plugs. Your cabin may have a selection of plugs, so make sure you have some adaptors available, On newer Ships you may even have USB ports available to use.

5. Local Currency

Depending on where you are cruising, this might be difficult. Some countries have closed currencies so you may only be able to get that currency when you visit the country. If you’re on a budget or just would rather not spend ashore, you can easily cruise and not spend any money locally! Some Cruise companies offer a currency exchange in reception with the ability to charge onto your on board account. I do not tend to spend much off the ship, if I do plan on spending I tend to add money to my Monzo account and use that instead of carrying too much cash around.

What is your must pack item when you cruise?

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