How to spend a day at Sea, on Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria.

If a person feels bored on a cruise ship it does say far more about them, than the ship!I feel it’s a frequent excuse not to experience the Ship way of life, ‘Oh I’d get bored’ ‘there would be nothing for me to do’. Stop making excuses, life can be short, try something new, try something a little different. If the current world situation does not show you that you should be so grateful to be alive, well and able to try new experiences… then quite frankly you are beyond help.Do read this, slightly longer than usual post, you never know it might encourage you to cruise, encourage you to cruise with Cunard, maybe assure you Cunard is not for you, or and, I do apologise, make the sensible folk already addicted to the cruising way of life, miss cruising a little bit more! Sorry!Cruise ships across the market cater for all range of interests. This post specifically looks at a suggested day aboard Cunards Queen Victoria. Cunard embody the traditional cruise experience. Think black ties and ball gowns ascending a curling staircase in the Grand Lobby. Many people do adore such formal cruising, however such formality is not for all.06:00If you’re an early riser, turn on your in cabin television , relax in your bed and watch the Cruise Director and selected special guests inform you what’s happening aboard during the day. This then continues throughout the morning, so if you’re not an early riser, fear not, you won’t miss out!

08:00It must be a feeding time!Breakfast , the most important meal of the day, is served either in the Queens Grill, Princess Grill, Britannia Club, Britannia restaurant or Lido Restaurant. Timings suit all, from the early risers to those who prefer more of a lie in. Feast on pastries, fruit or a cooked breakfast, you’ve got a busy day ahead!

09:15Time for some sort of activity. Cruises are know for their food. It is so easy to put on a few pounds upping the food intake and decreasing the activity… so always best to keep moving to prevent any Cruise spread, though equally you do only live once, so do not be too hard on yourself! Try your hand at Zumba or perhaps a hosted game of Deck Quoits.

10:00Stroll down to the Grand Lobby to admire the skilled art work of the onboard food artists as they demonstrate their enviable skills, magically turning fruit and vegetables into spectacular animals! Alternatively maybe indulge in your creative side and attend a watercolour Art class. You’re bound to be cruising somewhere with fantastic views, perfect your skills to create a new masterpiece!

11:00Cunards insight lectures commence for the day. A series of lectures delivered by an expert in their field. Head to the fabulous Royal Court Theatre to listen to fascinating General Sir Simon Mayall KBE CB discussing and explaining the β€˜rise of Islam’.

11:30Do not fear! If you’re an avid sport fan, your ship may well show high profile sports aboard, pending satellite reception of course.World Cup Rugby fans fear not, relax in the Winter Garden and cheer on your team. 12:00Don’t miss the Navigational announcement. Ensure you’re in a public area or have channel 43 tuned in on your Stateroom TV. The Captain or his deputy will inform you of the ships Navigational progress, weather forecasts and alert you to anything you may need to know.

12:15Cunards signature Insights Lectures continue.This time entertaining Johnny Beerling explains about Broadcasting, Popular Music and Celebrity reminiscing about his days working at Radio one, back when Radio one was launched.Alternatively if you think yourself the next star, join the Queen Victoria Vocalists , sing with fellow guests and be advised by the expert singers on board! You never know, with this tuition you might be the next big star! Maybe you fantasise about strutting your stuff on the dance floor, Strictly style? Head to the Magnificent Queens Room to be taught how to dance the basic foxtrot by the resident Ballroom dancing couple. Get those sequins ready you’ll be twirling around like a professional dancer in no time!
13:00Time to refuel, it’s a busy day! Head back to the Queens Grill, Princess Grill, Britannia Club and Britannia Restaurant if you want your tradition formal three course lunch. Otherwise if you fancy something different head to the Lido Restaurant, the ships buffet, the Lido grill, steakhouse at the Verandah or even a bar snack at the Golden Lion Pub. Certainly spoilt for choice!

13:45 Refuelled and ready for the afternoon.How about a Port presentation, head to the Royal Court Theatre, sit in a private Royal box, treat yourself there is no fee during the day. Port presentations are a fabulous idea. An excursions staff member, who knows the port extremely well, presents a short talk. They elaborate on ship tours and share tips to help passengers make the most of their day ashore. See a trip you fancy, then head on down to the Excursions desk to make sure your name is on the list! Excursions may seem expensive, generally they are worth every penny!

14:00Perhaps you like a sit down, a rest, to recoup for the rest of the day. Head to the spectacular Queens Room, take a comfortable seat and settle down to listen to a Classical concert by Prize Winning Classical guitarist from Cuba, Ahmed Dickinson. Relax whilst he serenades you with rhythms and tunes from his home.If, however you have desire to relax there are plenty of alternative ways to spend your time. Perhaps you’re a talented soul who wishes to catch up on some craft works or needlework, head to the Winter garden to meet like minded folk. Fear not, if you’re a football you can catch the UEFA European qualifiers whilst you’re sewing!

15:00You’ve fought through the after lunch slump , you’ve resisted a siesta. Head up to deck 10 and practice your golf, try your hand at fencing in the Yacht Club. Alternatively try something a little less physically active , attempt to win a few dollars off your on board bill by playing Bingo! Someone has got to win!Today could be your lucky day.15:30Is it feeding time again yet? It has been a couple of hours! A positive of second sitting club dinning is the ability to feel slightly less guilty about taking Afternoon Tea! Though you are holiday, there should be no guilt.Aboard a Cunard Voyage you simply must take Afternoon tea in the Queens Room at least once. It’s extravagant, luxurious, indulgent, it is a must. It deserves a blog post all to itself!16:00You have the guilt, you’ve finished your afternoon tea and you realise it’s nearly dinner time. Perhaps some calories should be burnt! You head to the Gym, to attempt to burn off some calories. For a small fee you can join an indoor cycling class. Thankfully no outdoor cycling class, Could you imagine bikes flying around the Promenade deck Tour de France Style, not an idea that will take off on Ocean Voyages!17:00Throughout the day, throughout the Voyage Cunard have unhosted meetings for particular groups of people. You could chose from a Christen Fellowship gathering, solo travellers Coffee morning, Rotary Club get togethers, Friends of BW, LGBT Gatherings to young adult get togethers. The reach seems quite wide. If you feel another group of people could meet discuss your plans with concierge , undoubtedly they would help put your vision into practice.18:00 Return to your Stateroom, it is time to fresh up and put on your glad rags. The dress code is Gala Evening Atire, the brief is to dress to impress, the theme is a Masquerade Ball.Prior to your dinner why not head to the talented on board photographers in the Grand Lobby. Have a formal professional photograph taken with your loved ones, whilst you’re dressed in your glad rags. A splendid momento of the holiday to stand probably on the mantle piece at home whilst you countdown to your next cruise!19:00 Head to the Grand Lobby, take a seat on any of the three levels and treat yourself to an aperitif . Sit and listen to the fabulously talented Pianist Lora Panosyan.

20:00 Take a stroll over to the glorious Golden Lion pub and join in with the Wipeout Trivia quiz. Take on the challenge of a selection of general knowledge questions and decide at the end if you’ll gamble your correct answers to win, or if you flop and wipeout!

20:30You’ve had a busy day, now it’s time for your scrumptious, delicious, wonderful dinner! Head to your restaurant, relax at your table and allow the fabulous waiters and waitresses if Queen Victoria guide through the culinary delight of dinner aboard. Maybe you fancy a glass of wine, your Sommelier can assist you as to the perfect drink to accompany your dinner selections! Enjoy your starter, main, desert, coffee and petit fours.

22:30 Slowly stroll to the other end of the ship. I say slowly, you’ll be so full, fast won’t be an option.Your destination is the Royal theatre, take a seat in a Royal Box if you fancy. Relax and enjoy the fantastically talented comedy pianist Kev Orkian. There is no chance of an after dinner snooze during this performance!23:30Does your bed call?Maybe you’re a bit hungry or fancy a hit chocolate night cap. Head up to the Lido restaurant and take a cup of delicious Horlicks or Hot Chocolate , if you can’t treat yourself on your holidays, when can you?24:00The night could still be young, if you fancy dancing the night away in the disco.Alternatively to make the most of every moment tomorrow, retire to your stateroom. You need to catch up with that beauty sleep to life tomorrow’s cruising day to its fullest!


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