Shrove Cottage

An Air BnB review.

For obvious Covid19 reasons, cruises are not happening currently. Having had a good few cancelled so far we decided to have a Staycation this year. I’d love to go aboard, but with my husband and I having quite niche jobs, it seemed a far more sensible plan to stay in Great Britain for now!

The obvious choice for a staycation for my Husband would be Cornwall, but as a stay there, whilst beautiful would be shared with half of Britain I suggested we return to my homeland for a week. Luckily as my Husband has been to Lake Vrynwy many times with me already and tempting him with a Suite Stay in our Wedding Hotel for a few days after Lake Vrynwy he was soon onboard with Holiday planning! I love to extend a holiday with a night or two in a nice hotel, it is an easy way to elongate the holiday, I’m never one to say no to more rest and relaxation. I am pretty sure no sane person would! I wanted a place to stay for one night between London and Lake Vrynwy. Thats half of Great Britain so does not really narrow it down much. With it being August Bank Holiday weekend, ever the optimist I hope for some lovely sunny weather , so on a whim I thought Id search for places to stay in Britain with an outdoor pool. Bingo!

Shrove Cottage popped up. I have never used air BnB before. It was very easy to download the app and register, then book Shrove Cottage. Confirmation of the booking was immediate and the reservation was saved in β€˜my trips’ folder. Soon after the Host send me a friendly message, informing me what the key safe code was, breakfast options and directions. I then awaited our trip. Do you read reviews on hotels you’re due to visit before you visit? Do you base whether you book the place on the trip advisor reviews? Over the years we’ve tended to book places we like the look of, to make the decision for ourselves! Occasionally I might look at reviews, usually the worst reviews, then generally picture the miserable person who wrote it… Well I needn’t have worried about Shrove Cottage, perfect reviews were the norm.When the day of our stay arrived we had a nightmare journey travelled westwards across the UK like a lot of the rest of Britains population. We arrived in the Cotswolds and the Heavens opened. Being Welsh, well and being British we are so used to the rain, a little water may dampen us, but doesn’t dampen our spirits!Ros welcomed us and ushered us toward our Home for the Night, she saw us safely and dryly inside the building, whilst she stood at a Socially Distanced gap outside under her Umbrella, welcomed us and promised us a loaf of freshly baked bread soon! Then left us to settle in. Shrove Cottage is beautiful, cosy and perfectly formed. As you enter the door you find yourself in a little hallway. Behind you, outside, is the lovely little swimming pool with outdoor furniture beside it. To your right is a lovely large bathroom, with a WC and a large double shower. Instructions reported there was a small water tank of hot water, however we both managed to have substantial Hot showers one after each other.

Lois | No Cruise Control

There is even a washing machine /dryer and a basket for little bits you may have forgotten in the bathroom. You really get the feeling the owner has thought of everything a guest could possibly want.

Climb up the stairs to the main living area. Along side the stairs are so many thoughtful additions to the property, board games, chess, solitaire, endless books, even historical books to read on the local area.

In the main living area you first enter the compact, perfectly formed kitchen area, to the left a kitchen sink and a mini hob, to the right a kitchen worktop, between the worktop and the drawers and shelves below you are bound to find every utensil you may require in a kitchen!

The Kitchen is so thoughtfully stocked too, delicious croissants, butter, honey, marmalade, orange juice, cereals, milk, supplies for hot drinks. An hour or after our arrival we heard a knock on the door and a socially distance delivery of bread was made. A large, hot, White Loaf. I am not the biggest fan of bread, but the smell was so inviting, even I thoroughly enjoy a chunk of fabulous fresh bread. Such a thoughtful extra touch!

Walk onwards and you enter the cosy living area, to your left a Double bed, to your right a futon / sofa. A tv is attached to the wall to allow you to angle it towards your bed or sofa, wherever you chose to relax.

Lois | No Cruise Control

Here you’ll find another impressive book selection, along with magazines and a very helpful file full of local area information.

Lois | No Cruise Control

A window at the end of the studio, has a Juliet Balcony overlooking the drive in which you are parked. There are a couple of roof windows to open to allow in fresh air, if you’re warm. We felt spot on, not to hot, not to cold, very comfortable! I feel with the heating on and the underfloor heating in the bathroom this place would be immensely cosy in the Autumn, Spring and Winter!

Unfortunately I did not get to try out the initial lure, the pool. On out arrival it was absolutely chucking it down with rain, despite having swam in a number of open water events over the last few years I did not fancy swimming in the rain. I fear as Covid has cancelled many events this year, I have become a wuss! Early the next morning, I changed into my swimming gear , anticipating an early morning swim, the sun was out, I peeled the cover off the pool and sat on the edge to dangle my feet in. Oh, my , gosh is was cold. I am such a wuss. I did not muster the determination to get in. I have never been such a wuss! Therefore we are now bound to return, I do not let pools / lakes / oceans get the better of me! HahaIf you are looking for a break to the Cotswolds, somewhere to get away from it all, A base whilst you cycle or walk and explore the area, you will most definitely have a fabulous time staying here at Shrove Cottage! We shall most definitely return!

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