P&O Cruises announces the name of their new Ship!

Today, P&O Cruises announced the name of their new ship! Such exciting news!

Are you excitied about Arvia’s launch?

I have had two more cruises cancelled over the last week, so I’m so excited about this great cruise news. Just what we need in our current world full of Cruise and travel restrictions.

Arvia, meaning β€˜from the Seashore’ a fitting name for a Grand Ship destined to travel around year round sunshine!

It doesn’t seem that long ago when my husband and I were on a shore excursion in the Caribbean talking with a lovely lady about the then nick named β€˜Iona 2β€˜. Some time into our excursion, when the lady realised we had nothing but praise for P&O she let slip she actually worked for P&O and was involved in developing Shore excursions for Iona and Iona 2. A few years later it’s now so exciting to hear Arvia’s name, plans for her future travels and know it’s not that long til her launch!

Arvia will join her sister Iona, as the second LNG powered excel class ship in the fleet. She will join P&O in December 2022 and her cruises will be sold from next month.

Paul Ludlow, P&O Cruises President said β€˜ Arvia will join Iona as an innovative and future focussed ship offering an outstanding , varied and contemporary holiday. She is designed to travel to the sun year round and to maximise views of the Ocean and the seashore from everywhere on board’.

I am thrilled that Cruises on Arvia will embrace the relaxation, tranquility and restorative qualities of time by the seashore! In this busy world, time aboard Cruise Ships is time to chill, probably one of the few places you can chose to turn off technology and completely immerse yourself in the holiday experience.

I can not wait to hear about the new and extraordinary features on board over the coming months! Keep following my blog and Instagram page for updates!

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