The Ultimate Escape, P&O Cruises.

P&O Cruises today annouced that they plan to offer British Cruisers ‘the Ultimate escape’ staycation this Summer. These cruises go on sale later this month.

An Irish Sea sunset views on a U.K. cruise πŸ“· by me

P&O Cruises President, Paul Ludlow said

β€œFollowing recent Government announcements and as the vaccine programme is rolled out across the globe we can all begin to feel a sense of reassurance and hope that this current lockdown period in the UK will come to an end. Life can, we hope, slowly return to some semblance of our previous normality as hospitality opens up and summer holidays can be booked with confidence.

Whilst holidays here in the UK will be the first to become a reality we will, of course, gradually see the return of international travel but first we want guests to be able to enjoy a proper summer holiday at sea with the best in relaxation, entertainment and dining choice.

Cruises will leave P&O’s home port of Southampton and will cruise around in the British Sunshine. We are promised an announcement with more details later in the month, with flexibility to allow for cruisers to book with confidence.

They promise to make ‘the ultimate escape’ staycation option a very special time, time to appreciate UK shores and an opportunity to spend precious, longed for time with friends and family!

Unfortunately in order to offer these UK breaks some cruisers have had their cruises cancelled. Arcadia, Aurora , Azura and Ventura cruises have been cancelled til the end of August. Britannia and Iona Cruises are cancelled til the end of September. The usual automatic Future cruise credit worth 125% of the booking, to be used in bookings made by the end of December 2021 or a full refund via

I’m so excited about these cruises! I’d hoped to book an Iona Cruise for July, so hopefully will be able to book on of these new cruises instead!

I wonder if the cruises will be a Cruise to nowhere or perhaps a cruise visiting ports within the United Kingdom. Having taken some British Isles cruises, I’d love to visit some of the United Kingdom ports, perhaps Greenock, Liverpool of Invergorden!

However if cruises to nowhere are offered, I’d still be at the front of the queue to book! I love Sea days and the opportunity to relax on my balcony in the (hopefully) sunny British Summer, I’d be in my element!

Fingers crossed, the numbers of cases continue to drop and more of the general public get vaccinated and that it is soon safe to recommence our beloved Cruising!

Let me know if you’re thinking of booking an Ultimate escape with P&O Cruises!

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