5 reasons I am excited to cruise aboard Golden Horizon, Tradewind Voyages.

Have you heard about Tradewinds Voyages?

I first heard of Tradewind Voyages last year, I was interested in their delivery voyage, which sadly was cancelled due to the World Covid Pandemic. I have admired similar ships operated by Star Clippers in the Caribbean for years, they look so magnificent. So when I noticed Tradewind Voyages were planning on sailing in Summer 2021, I did not hesitate to book via Panache Cruises! Sadly my original booking was cancelled, not the most professional to find out via a Ship tracking app, however I can not fault the speed in which a refund was organised, far quicker than refunds from every other line over the last 15 months! Teething problems forgiven, we are now rebooked to cruise on Golden Horizons Inaugural Voyage and I can not wait!

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The Golden Horizon, Tradewind Voyages ©️

Tradewind Voyages are a brand new Cruise line, due to begin UK Voyages this Summer. They promise β€˜our Voyages are designed to follow the sun using the wind and the currents, making for a true sailing experience.’ They explain that their itineraries are governed by where in the world they are and embrace the following 3 categories:

β‡’ Hidden Beaches ( They can take you to the most beautiful and undiscovered islands in the world)

β‡’ Cultural Immersion ( Tradewind Voyages have a shore excursion programme to immerse yourself in the destinations you visit)

β‡’ A sailing experience! ( A promise that days at sea will truly bring alive the concept of sailing. They even encourage guests to take the Ships Wheel! What a fabulous experience that would be!)

Tradewind Voyages , will take you on a Voyage aboard their spectacular, Golden Horizon. Golden Horizon is the World’s largest square rigged sailing vessel. She is a near replica of the 1913 built ocean vessel France II. Tradewind Voyage explain how she retains the charm, adventure and romance of an historic ship.

They go on to claim that she is a Ship like no other, we are promised an ambience on board that is relaxed, casual, elegant and without unnecessary formality. Sounds absolutely perfect to me!

I’m particularly excited about the following 5 things!

1. Dining.

Having all been at home for the majority of the last year, I absolutely can not wait for a week of delicious food! To sit, relax and be waited on, something that has become quite rare over the last year.

I have to say the food aboard Tradewind Voyages looks absolutely scrumptious.

The Golden Horizon’s dining room looks spectacular, you’re promised to notice the curved wrought iron balconies above, leading up to a central dramatic skylight, the wood panelled walls, have maritime art to admire whilst eating outstanding food, served by friendly, talented crew.

On board dining promises to offer dishes for all tastes and preferences. Healthy eating, sustainability and wellbeing seem especially important to Tradewind. Classic dishes will also be offered and they promise to always seek to use local fresh produce to create menus relevant to the region your exploring aboard.

I’m one of those annoying people who takes photographs of their food! Especially if it’s presented to me like a piece of art! Do return later in the month for lots of fabulous food photographs.

2. The Marina.

I have admired Marina decks on smaller sailing vessels for so long, I love the Sea and any excursion that allows for me to get into the sea is a winner in my mind! So to cruise aboard a vessel with a Marina off the back of the ship seems perfect to me!

Golden Horizon has a platform at the stern, Tradewind Voyages report how it is a focal point for many of our voyages, providing access to non motorised water sports equipment which includes kayaks and canoes.

Tradewind Voyages can also lend you one of their pico sailing dinghies to navigate the waters and discover quiet bays around where Golden Horizon drops her anchor. I think I might leave that one and leave the sailing to Tradewind Voyages. I used sail dinghies in my Schools sailing club and spent most of the time in the water haha

I am however a big fan of Open Water swimming, and have done some events in the Sea off the English south coast, so hopefully Tradewind Voyages will allow swimming in July… we’ll see!

3. The Library.

I don’t tend to have the time to read that much during normal working life, however on holiday I love relaxing with a book , a cool drink and a sea view!

I’m a big fan of libraries on Ships, I think my favourite library at sea so far is Cunard Line Queen Victoria. However I do think my favourite might change after my voyage aboard Golden Horizon.

The Library, Golden Horizon, Tradewind Voyages ©️

4. The Spa

I can not wait to see how the Spa ‘works’ aboard a square rigged ship! I have to say the photographs look fabulous! Given it will be only our second holiday at sea in over a year, I am rather tempted to treat myself to some sort of relaxing treatments after the stress and distress of the last year.

Tradewind Voyages explain how guests can unwind in the on board spa, giving you the choice to luxuriate in a Sauna, a Hamman, a Snow Room and a Jacuzzi!

Treatments offered include massages, facials, wraps and body scrubs.

Ohh and manicures, pedicures and blow-dries are offered to pamper yourself prior to your evening meal aboard! Spoil yourself, I’m sure you’re long overdue some pampering after 2020!

5. The Inaugural Voyage

I am so excited to be aboard the Golden Horizon for her Inaugural cruise!

Here is the official Tradewind Voyages spiel about the itinerary of the Inaugural Voyage!

β€œBe part of something special. Our all-inclusive inaugural voyage will set sail from Dover and skirt the south coast of the UK. Spend summer days on the wooden deck, watching the sunlight catch the waves before you slide into the pool for a swim. You can book a treatment at the on board spa, relax with a good book in the library or learn from insightful experts who can teach you about maritime history or astronomy.”

β€œThe first stop on our voyage is iconic Cowes on the Isle of Wight, home to the famous sailing regatta. Admire the boats and yachts in the harbour, relax on Shanklin beach (said to be the sunniest in the UK) or explore Osborne, an Italian-inspired mansion that was once the palatial holiday home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.”

β€œIn Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, you can follow the Barbican’s quaint cobbled quayside to the famous Mayflower Steps, an area where the Pilgrims are believed to have first departed England in 1620. Admire over 4000 sea creatures at the huge National Marine Aquarium; or spend time on one of the UK’s best beaches either side of Plymouth, followed by a fresh seafood lunch in one of the local marina restaurants.”

It sounds fantastic, such an adventure, made even better by being aboard the Worlds largest square rigged sailing vessel!

I really hope our voyage goes, it’ll be fantastic to be back on the open seas. Our second cruise back and second maiden voyage since covid changed the World! This one is a little bit more special with Tradewind Voyages being a brand new Cruise Line too!

If you’re interested in the Golden Horizon and Tradewind Voyages, make sure you follow my instagram, there will be lots of photographs, Vlogs and blog posts.

Tradewind Voyages ©️

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  1. Wow this sounds incredible! And you’ll be one of the first too, so cool. Can’t wait to see your pics.

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