5 reasons to go snorkelling at Champagne reef, Dominica

The boat arriving , Britannia in the background. NoCruiseControl

Dominica , officially the Commonwealth of Dominica is an island in the Caribbean, located between Martinique and Guadeloupe. There is no surprise it is known as the Nature Island, given its tropical rainforests and natural hot springs.

If your cruise ship stops in Dominica you will dock in Roseau, Dominica’s capital. People will try to tell you it is not as nice as the other islands. These people probably popped off into the port and did not bother exploring the island at all. The port is not the most picturesque of places, to be fair, not many industrial ports are! Roseau is lovely, it holds a real Caribbean charm, that of an untouched island. You feel like you are getting a taste of the real Caribbean, open your mind , explore and marvel over the beautiful colourful buildings and enthusiastic, friendly locals. Experience a peep of the real Caribbean!

Roseau, Capital of Dominica – NoCruiseControl

If you only want to buy shore excursions at certain islands, I would definitely recommend taking one in Dominica. I have tried River Tubing (which was great fun!) and a Jeep tour, which was also great fun! In this blog post I will give you five reasons to take the Snorkelling at Champagne Reef shore excursion.

A humorous pre point, do not assume, what my husband assumed. This tour doesn’t have anything to do with Champagne, the drink. I booked the tour and knowing it referred to the Champagne like bubbles that came from the sea bed, my husband, however, bless him, wondered when we might be served the Champagne. Luckily a couple of Rum punches were equally appealing to him and he was not too disappointed on his lack of Champagne.

1. It is a boat trip!

This tour operates on a boat , the boat we went on had a lovely outside, upstairs and inside in the shade areas, space to make everyone happy. Do not forget to take your camera with you. On most boat tours from cruise ships you will be sailed past or close to your ship, so make sure you have your camera handy to capture that incredible shot of your ship. Even better take a video then you can screenshot any frames you fancy, hey presto, lots of fabulous photos of your ship!

Britannia docked in Dominica – NoCruiseControl

2. It’s not far to the Snorkelling site!

It does not take long to sail to the Snorkelling site. The local guide will take you around in smaller groups. Try to take an underwater camera with you, on snorkelling over the coral reef you will see some beautiful fish! It is rather like being on the set of Finding Nemo. Listen to the crew, they are experts, if they say do not touch something, they are saying it for a reason and have your safety and comfort in mind.

3. Beautiful Scenery!

The scenery to this coast of Dominica is beautiful, large sea cliffs raising from the sea, small coves and bays, admire the scenery. It is a far cry from the busy beaches of the more popular islands. However it has a certain untouched charm, something I am sure will change over the years as tourism grows. How lucky we are to see such beautiful untouched scenery!

Dominica views – NoCruiseControl

4. Snorkelling over Champagne reef!

Snorkelling over champagne reef, the gem of the tour. Your guide will take you to the Champagne reef area and show you the bubbles raising from the sea bed. They are beautiful. Make sure you have your camera.

5. More fantastic views on the sail back to the Ship!

On the boat trip back, fantastic views can be enjoyed from the top deck. Ensure you slap on the sunscreen as the breezy sail will distract you from the strong sunshine. Enjoy a rum punch or two as you make the short but beautiful sail back to the ship.

Britannia docked in Dominica – NoCruiseControl

Snorkelling at Champagne Reef is a great little tour to experience the local sea life, beautiful coastal scenery and unusual champagne bubbles in the sea.

Don’t forget sunscreen and a camera and have a fantastic day!

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