Where to eat, on Virgin Voyages, Scarlet Lady.

Do you have a Summer British Voyage booked aboard Virgin Voyages, Scarlet Lady?

On board the World Launch for Scarlet Lady back in February 2020 I experienced a meal in both The Test Kitchen and Razzle Dazzle. I was impressed by both immensly and can not wait to eat in more of the fabulous eating establishments later in the summer!

Where would you head to first to eat? Or maybe you were on board back in February 2020 too and have already experienced a couple of the restaurants, do let me know in my comments!

Razzle Dazzle – Veggie-forward.

I am not a Vegetarian, however I absolutely loved the food served in Razzle Dazzle! Us Naughty Meat eaters are welcome to eat in this fabulous Veggie forward venue.

Razzle Dazzle is named after the camouflaging pattern which was painted on warships in World War 1 and 2. The restaurant was designed by Concrete Amsterdam. Virgin Voyages describes it as offering vibrant and creative twists on a largely vegetarian contemporary American fare and juice bar. I ate my breakfast in Razzle Dazzle and is was absolutely delicious!

Razzle Dazzle will be the home of the Ship’s drag lunch , Virgin Voyages promises us sailors a performance by the Scarlet Lady’s resident drag performers and friends whilst enjoying delicious food!

Razzle Dazzle Sample Menu

The Test Kitchen – Experimental onboard eatery

When aboard, I was invited to eat my dinner in the Test Kitchen and I was most definitely not disappointed! The concept was fabulous, the food was fantastic and the service was perfect! I can not wait to eat there again this summer!

Thet Test Kitchen is inspired by Escoffier’s Ma Cuisine, it’s a kind of laboratory like restaurant , part cooking school, part eatery. Virgin Voyages describe it as an educational, experimental and social experience which is delicious in ways you have never seen or tasted!

You must make time for a visit when you are on board! Don’t forget your camera!

The Test Kitchen Sample Menu

Gunbae – Lively Korean BBQ

I didn’t get the opportunity to eat in Gunbae, but I didn’t have a sneak peep at the restaurant and those BBQ tables look like so much fun!

Virgin Voyages offer a social, hands on, interactive, fun dining experience in Gunbae. There are specially designed flameless BBQ grills built into the centre of your table, allowing sailors to grill meats themselves. Gunbae is destined to be the loudest eatery aboard, Sailors are going to have great fun here! Your meal will commence with a complimentary round of Soju for the table and throughout the evening your group of Sailors will be encouraged to take part in lively Korean drinking games!

Gunbae Sample Menu

Extra Virgin – Elevated Italian

Virgin Voyages explain how their Extra Virgin Italian restaurant is deeply rooted in Italian Culinary traditions. Scarlet Lady’s Trattoria serves regionally inspired food punctuated with fresh, handmade pasta. Virgin Voyages suggests you start with a shared antipasti and follow with any of the pasta-centric favourites. Enjoy those delicious carbohydrates, so you’ve the energy to explore the fantastic Ship!

Extra Virgin Sample Menu

Pine Agave – Upscale Mexican

I absolutely love Mexican food, sadly during my first time aboard, I didn’t get the chance to eat at Pink Agave, it’s high up there on my list to try on my British Scarlet Lady Voyage. I did however manage to visit the entrance and it is fabulous, you definitely need to ensure you get a selfie!

Pink Agave is inspired by Mexico City’s red hot street food scene. The interior is designed by Tom Dixon. Virgin Voyages promise an immersive odyssey of Mexican Cuisine. They describe how your dinner experience will be personal, intimate and educational, the master of ceremonies will guide you through a highly curated dining and drinking experience.

Pink Agave sample menu.

The Wake – Steak and Seafood

Are you a Steak and Seafood kind of person, then you must visit the Wake aboard Scarlet Lady.

The Wake is said to be the perfect mix of sophistication, nostalgia and cool. A fabulous place to celebrate a special occasion on board. Whilst you make your entrance down the Wake’s grand staircase you’re said to enter a world that harks back to the old Steakhouse, three-martini-lunch days of the Madison Avenue Ad men. However , as Virgin Voyages points out, thankfully with added gender equality and minus cigar smoke!

The Wake sample menu

The Galley

Virgin Voyages promised to move away from the traditional buffet you find upon most Cruise Ships.

Scarlet Lady has a food hall, having visited, the area is physically similar to a buffet style area on a ship, however the concept of having a mixture of many little stores offering separate food offerings is genius! Virgin Voyages offers a curated selection of signature dishes from a dedicated bakery and pasty shop, a panini shop, a burger grill, a taco shack, a sushi bar with bento boxes, a noodle bar, a soup and salad stand and a 24 hour American Diner. Bon Appetit! A choice for everyone.

Noodle Around – Ramen and Miso soup.

Bento Baby – Japanese Breakfast and Bento Box

The Sweet Side – Sweets and treats

Well Bread – Pastries and Flatbreads

Diner and Dash – 24 hour American Diner

Burger Bar – All day burger spot

Hot off the Press – Sandwiches and Toasties

Let’s Taco Bout it – Tacos and Burritos

The Daily Mix – Health Bites

The Dock

Scarlet Lady has a rustic beach club-inspired space designed by Roman and Williams. Seating is available for sailors both inside and outside, to enjoy a selection of Mediterranean inspired small plates, dips and mezzes. There are also an array of fresh meat and seafood skewers available , flame grilled to order. A fabulous place to relax, socialised and appreciate gorgeous views over the Ocean!

The Pizza Place

During a visit to the Pizza Place. sailors can order a pizza off the menu or even design your very own bespoke pizza! Virgin Voyages explain that the Pizza Place has a brilliant beach club -inspired design with white and pastel coloured furniture, nav striped cushions and even hammocks for lounging! Making this the perfect spot to meet your fellow Sailor friends to share a delicious Italian themed lunch.

Sun Club Cafe

Scarlet Lady’s Sun Club Cafe is inspired by one of the most iconic dishes of the Hawaiian Islands. Sailors are offered marinated tuna, chicken and salmon over greens or rice bowls. A fresh, tasty, healthy choice to enjoy whilst you sit in the Caribbean sunshine and admire the Caribbean Sea views.

Which one are you going to head to first when aboard Scarlet Lady?

Let me know!

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