Golden Horizon, Trade Wind Voyages.

Golden Horizon by Nocruisecontrol ยฉ

Earlier this year, my husband and I cruised upon the magnificent Golden Horizon’s Maiden Voyage. The Worlds largest, square rigged sailing ship. She is absolutely beautiful.

I had been trying to go on a Voyage with Tradewind Voyages for a few times, Covid kept delaying our trips.

Then unfortunately there were some hiccups, initially we found out the cruise we were due on, was cancelled. We found out via a ship tracking app and a journalist contacting me, asking for a comment. Then there was all the court case, compounded ship drama in Dover.

Check out the drama here :

Eventually we managed to get on board. It was completely worth all the pre – cruise hassle. A fabulous Ship, wonderful service. A very special way to cruise!

Let me show you my vlogs and you can decide if you think you want to go on the fabulous ship yourself.

If you do, Bon Voyage!

Vlog 1 – Embarking on Golden Horizon, in Dover, United Kingdom.

A sneak peep of our cabin, you can find a longer cabin tour further on in this post.

Vlog 2 – A second day vlog aboard Golden Horizon, filmed up on deck with the sails up!

Vlog 3 – A day three Vlog aboard Golden Horizon, filmed up on deck. Talking about our day in Cowes!

Vlog 4 – A final Vlog of my holiday , filmed back at home! Discussing my final day aboard and disembarkation.

Golden Horizon Ship Tour – Trying out my new Gimbal , filming a ship tour of the gorgeous Golden Horizon!

Standard Cabin Tour – Have a look at my cabin aboard Golden Horizon, its a small cabin, however perfectly formed. A very comfortable bed and I loved the port holes!

A selection of food and drink aboard Golden Horizon – The food and drink aboard Golden Horizon was fantastic! On the maiden voyage we had free drinks, the cocktails were fabulous, you can buy drinks packages on board,

The food was also incredible and the service aboard was faultless!

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