Disney Magic – Sept 2021

Back in 2021 I decided to take my first ever Disney Cruise! Cruising restarted after the covid break in the UK, because we were lucky to receive the Covid vaccinations very early on. Cruising companies picked up on this and the hunger for people to cruise again, so many cruise lines brought ships over to the UK. Disney Cruise Line brought Disney Magic to the UK. In fact she was parked up in Dover for a lot of of the Cruise break.

In this Vlog I show you my first impressions of Disney Cruise Line and explore the open Decks and of course my first glimpses of the fabulous Duo Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Vlog 1 – This Vlog shows you what is it like to embark onto Disney Wish at Tilbury, the London International Cruise port. Though it’s a good old journey out of London! You will see hashtag advert used a bit in this vlog series. I paid for my cruise, however as Disney kindly upgraded me from an inside cabin to a Veranda cabin. , gifted me a meal and wifi, so as the rules state, I need to declare this as an ad, and I am a suckler for rules!

I cruised solo for two nights on board Disney Magic, so if you’re interested in Cruising with DCL, or specifically Cruising solo with Disney feel free to ask any questions you may have. If I can help, I will.

Vlog 2 – Talking to you about what I got up to on my one and only sea day on board Disney Magic! I was very new to vlogging and self conscious , so most of my early vlogs are me talking to the camera. You will find my new vlogs are filmed throughout the ship and ashore giving you an insight into certain experiences , excursions , cabins etc on board the Ship I am on board.

Vlog 3 – #ad Let me show you what Brunch at Palo is like. The service and food was outstanding! Alvin my waiter looked after my perfectly. Palo is a speciality dining venue on board Disney Magic, you can eat brunch or Dinner there for a small extra cost.

Vlog 4 – Join me talking about what I got up to on a day at Sea on board Disney Magic. I discuss travelling solo, dinner in Animators Palate and I met Pluto!

Vlog 5 – Showing you what a Deluxe Ocean View Veranda on Disney Magic looks like. Maybe you’re wondering whether to book a balcony stateroom or not on Disney Magic, well this is what a Veranda stateroom looks like!

Vlog 6 – My final vlog filmed on board Disney Magic shows you what breakfast in Rapunzel’s Royal Table is like and funny disembarkation PA announcements by Mickey and Daffy Duck!

Just like that my Solo Disney Magic experience was over and I was back in Tilbury.

I have to say I was blown away by the service and attention to detail by all the Disney Cruise Line, Disney Magic crew. I was so well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed my short trip. So much so that I have booked a week cruising on Disney Wish, Disney Cruise Line’s newest Cruise Ship in Feb 2023. I absolutely can not wait! Do you have an Disney Cruises booked?

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