No Cruise Control – An Update!

Firstly, thank you, so much, for all your support to my No Cruise Control community!

I love sharing cruising experiences and hopefully inspiring others to cruise.

Everyone has busy lives and currently I feel I have neglected this blog! My usual work as a Specialist Nurse Organ Donation is always busy. It has kept me busy for nearly 8 years. It’s an incredibly humbling job, which is the inspiration behind, No Cruise Control. Every day I care for families of people of all ages, who have suddenly died. Every day I see how precious life can be, every day I see how amazing and selfless Humans, can, be. So instead of dwelling on the sadness of this all, I make it my aim to live life to the fullest. Life can finish at change forever at any point, so as I am blessed to be alive and well, I aim to live life to the fullest for the people who sadly are not able to. Likewise I want to travel the World to meet more amazing Humans, because ultimately, despite trolls and keyboard warriors, people, are mostly absolutely lovey and selfless. It is just unfortunate the exceptions to the rule usually make the most noise!

Anyway. I aim to blog more! I vlog a lot at the moment, with two brand new Cruise Vlogs publishing every week scheduled until the end of August at the moment!

You can find my Vlogs here :

You’ll find a selection of large ships , small ships, couple and solo cruising vlogs! Feel free to ask me any questions about anything you watch and I will endeavour to answer.

Moving forward, over here on I hope to bring you more cruise news and amongst the cruise news more blog posts about Cruising!

Some of my recent cruises included Celebrity Beyond on her Maiden Voyage and Azamara Monaco Grand prix Voyage. I feel these are more unusual cruises so I hope to write articles on them. You may be umming and ahhing about taking a Maiden Voyage or a Grand Prix voyage and I hope to inspire you to try one out!

You can also expect blog posts on the following over the next 6 months:

  • my first River Cruise #ad – Viva Cruises have kindly invited me to cruise with them later this month. I will cruise on their newest ship VIVA ONE from Dusseldorf to Ghent.
  • Valiant Lady – A Spanish obsession itinerary. A free cruise from VVs as they cancelled our Easter Cruise earlier this year for a Charter.
  • Possibly a trip on Norwegian Cruise Line Prima is in the works…
  • A cruise on Silversea’s Silver Dawn from Venice around the Med.
  • A cruise on Azamara Onward around Italy.
  • Two weeks on Seabourn Ovation cruising around the Caribbean
  • A Week exploring Disney Wish in the Bahamas.

I look forward to vlogging, blogging and photographing my adventures, hoping to inspire you to travel by ship too!

Thanks for the support!

Lois : No Cruise Control

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