P&O Iona – Canary Isles – Nov 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed my Maiden Voyage solo cruising on board Iona, however I wanted to share this beautiful new ship with my Husband, so we booked for some Winter Sun in the Canary Isles last November. We had a great cruise, it ended up being quite a memorable cruise as we gained an extra free day! I felt for the people due on the next cruise, however made the most of a free day of cruising, living my dream. Make sure you check out Vlog 13 and 15 below for further explanations as to how we came about having an extra day cruising!

Vlog 1 – Showing you Embarkation onto Iona! Dinner at Sindhu , a speciality dining restaurant on board, you’ll have to pay a little extra to eat here, it is definitely worth it. Perhaps celebrate a birthday or anniversary here as an extra little treat whilst on board.

Vlog 2 : Our first Day at Sea! Attending a guest speaker in the morning, lunch at the Olive Grove ( another speciality dining venue, however you don’t necessarily need to pay more to eat here, many dishes are included in your cruise fare.) Watching Festival in the Theatre and then heading to the Beach House for dinner ( another speciality dining restaurant with a small cover fee and some dishes have a small extra charge)

Vlog 3 : At day at sea! A main dining room lunch, Celebration Night, The Chefs Table ( another Speciality dining restaurant included in your Cruise fare and only available on Celebration Nights)

Vlog 4 : Showing you what a Baltic Peninsular Club luncheon is like!

Vlog 5 : Let me show you what a Madeira Jeep Tour shore excursion was like! So much fun, we had a fabulous time and I highly recommend you try it out if it’s your first visit to Maderia or if you’ve been many times before! A 4 hour tour cost around Β£55 each, if you are in P&O’s loyalty club you may have between 5-10% off your spending on board, including Shore excursion and excursions booked in advance on your pre Cruise personaliser. Then showing you dinner in Speciality Dining Venue, The Epicurean. A perfect spot for a special dinner, be it celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just because! You will need to pay a bit extra to eat here, around Β£28 per person, however, it is completely worth it! Bon appetit!

Vlog 6 : Exploring Tenerife! We went on a Luxury Catamaran Sailing Shore excursion! There were only around 10 of us on board, all drinks and food were included. We spotted dolphins and Whales aboard, it was a fabulous trip! We paid Β£140 each for this excursion. Then, let me show you the Limelight club! A fabulous super club, with a delicious menu and fantastic entertainment. We watched Tom Lister perform and he was great, it costs around Β£25 a person and can be booked in advance on your Cruise personaliser or on board on the my holiday app.

Vlog 7 – We went for a lovely potter along the Promenade in Gran Canaria, if you fancy a wander have a look at my vlog! We also visited the Keel and Cow again to introduce Dave to the scrumptious Prime Minster Burger! Do try when you’re next on board (There is a small extra fee)

Vlog 8 – Join us on a shore excursion in Lanzarote! We took an excursion to La Graciosa, the smallest Canary Isle. A great day, taking the ferry over to La Graciosa then spending some free time aboard, a lovely lunch and then a swim and some free time on the beach! It cost Β£75 each. Then we headed back to the Beach House for a lovely relaxed evening meal. You can book the Beach House on your my holiday web based app.

#ad Vlog 9 – P&O kindly invited us to experience the Retreat, an adult only exclusive venue on board, the perfect spot for some R&R on a sea day! Let me show you the Retreat! Then we headed back to , our favourite Sindhu, for Dinner. Are you a Sindhu fan?

Vlog 10 – DoΓ±ana , perhaps the biggest Shore excursion risk I’ve taken, there were no photo’s on the description and not much of an explanation however it mentioned wild animals, so I’d treated us, as I was intrigued. Well, let me show you the best Shore excursion I think I have ever done! It’s a pricy one, I can’t find the exact amount, around Β£100 an adult I think, completely worth every penny!

Vlog 11 – Lets show you Lisbon! We had two days in Lisbon, so plenty of time to explore this lovely City. In the morning, we had a potter around Lisbon, then we returned for a lovely lunch in the Olive Grove. During the afternoon, let me show you the open top bus tour we took. I’ve visited Lisbon many times, so with it being years since we last took an open top bus tour here, it was time to try it out again! Let me show you what it’s like! Then on the way back to the ship, let me show you a lesser known spot for some fabulous photographs of your ship!

Vlog 12 – The Hippo Tour! Such a fun trip. I booked it on Viator.com and walked along the river up to the April 25th Bridge where our tour began. 90 mins touring Lisbon by road and River, it cost Β£28 each. A great trip for kids and big kids!

Vlog 13 – Check out why we have an extra free day of cruising on board P&O Iona!

Vlog 14 – Let me show you what lunch in the Glass House is like! You’ll have to pay a little extra to eat here, the tapas style lunch we had was delicious! It’s a must visit if you like your wine!

Vlog 15 – A FREE day cruising, an extra sea day! Make sure you check out why we ended up having a free extra day of cruising!

Vlog 16 – Disembarkation – sadly all too soon our cruise to the Canaries was over!

Have you got an Iona Cruise booked? Where are you off too on board? The Fjords? or the Canaries?

One response to “P&O Iona – Canary Isles – Nov 2021”

  1. Looks great! Could you imagine just having to rely on a postage stamp size photo in a brochure in 2022! Thanks for all the content on Iona.

    Previously been on RCI in the 2000’s and P&O in the 2010’s. Found P&O ships smaller in comparison to RCI. P&O I found had better food and preferred the more chilled atmosphere, again all around a decade, decade plus, or thereabouts.

    Iona looks more like the RCI size ships of the 2000’s, with all that choice.
    Iona still looks more conservative/traditional than RCI ? I wonder what a forward facing full-suite looks like Iona? Hope Iona is just as enjoyable as past P&O’s, when I go.

    Thanks, again for all the Iona content. Great!


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