Regal Princess – Oct 2021

Back in 2021 my husband and I decided to embark on our first Princess Cruise. Having heard many good things and with 2021 being the year of trying many short cruises on many new lines we excitedly booked a short break cruise of 5 nights on board Regal Princess. We cruised to Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and initially we were supposed to visit Guernsey too, however that was cancelled a few months before our trip. No surprise really I think it highly unlikely we would have made it ashore in Guernsey. I have been to Guernsey many times, mostly by air, I’ve only successfully visited by ship once! The swell is always too high to allow for a safe tender operation.

Vlog 1 – Showing you embarkation, our cabin, first impressions of the Ocean Medallion app and out first dinner in the main dining restaurant. All in all, a very good first impression!

Vlog 2 – Today we visit Bruges! Bruges is a short coach ride ( or train ride if you’re travelling independently ) from Zeebrugge. We decided to make the most of our time ashore and booked a Princess Shore Excursion which included a walking tour around Bruges and a canal boat ride on its famous canals. We had a great time, I highly recommend the excursions.

Vlog 3 – I take you along and show you what dinner in Sabatinis Italian Trattoria is like. Sabatinis is a speciality restaurant on board. You eat your breakfast there when staying in a Suite and can pay a little extra to eat your dinner there, ($25 per person cover charge). Make sure you book in advance online or on the Princess Medallion app. The food and service were exceptional.

Vlog 4 – Let me give you a brief tour around our Balcony cabin on board Regal Princess.

Vlog 5 – A day in Rotterdam! We packed so much into our day in Rotterdam! As you’ll see from my vlog, the ship is able to dock near the City Centre, we then got a Water taxi into the city passing our ship for some opportunities to take some great up close, from the water shots! We then went on, not one but two retro tram tours, then concluded our sightseeing day going on an amphibious vehicle tour of the city by land and River! It was such good fun!

Vlog 6 – A visit to the Crown Grill. Oh my the Crown Grill is most definitely worth a visit, no need to eat for hours and hours before hand! The Crown Grill is another speciality dining restaurant with a cover charge of $25 an adult. Do make sure you book before hand, you’ll soon understand why it is such a popular spot for Dinner!

Vlog 7 – An exploration vlog, showing you all the lower public deck areas on board Regal Princess.

Vlog 8 – An exploration vlog showing you around the open deck areas on board Regal Princess.

Vlog 9 – Captains Circle Lounge – A lounge for Platinum and Elite loyalty tier members every evening on board.

Vlog 10 – A final sea day, I show you our day at sea, then another dinner in the Crown Grill, a visit to Good Spirits at sea ( a must if you’re a cocktail fan!) and a little late night potter around Horizon court.

Vlog 11 – Sadly all good things come to an end, here is my Regal Princess disembarkation vlog. A fabulous cruise on a wonderful ship!

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