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Lets talk Travel Insurance.

Firstly, this post includes the hashtag advert. Cedar Tree have kindly gifted me Travel insurance for the next year, a busy year of travels. I had previously been using a different , yet similar travel insurance company also owned by Worldwide Internet Insurance Services Ltd.

Are you someone who sees it as a necessary evil?

Have you had to make a big claim on your travel insurance?

Maybe you have been burnt with big bills, naively not having cover?

I feel that Travel Insurance is an absolute essential. In life you never know what complications might be sent your way especially in this current covid World. So, to be absolutely prepared for every eventuality is a must. Even more so with the current cost of living crisis, if you are fortunate enough to be able to travel, you really must protect yourself for any thing that could go wrong.

The ultimate aim is for a drama free break.Taking out comprehensive travel insurance hopefully takes a weight off your mind to enjoy that hard earned break!

I’ve had travel insurance with the company Worldwide Internet Insurance Services Ltd for a few years. This year I took on an annual couple policy including America and Cruise travel with Award winning Cedar Tree Travel Insurance.

In my professional live as a Nurse , I know only too well how life can change in an instant and if that happens whilst I am travelling, I want to peace of mind to know my Husband and I are in safe hands!

My top 5 reasons that I have Travel reassurance with Cedar Tree as an regular Cruiser include…

1.Medical cover!

Cedar Tree cover a maximum amount of ยฃ15,000,000 per person for Medical expenses and repatriation if needed. This amount is covered in their Silver, Gold and Platinum cover. As well as having such comprehensive cover, make sure you apply for a GHIC card if you are travelling to Europe. However you do need both! The GHIC will cover you for emergency medical treatment, but it will not cover you for rescue or repatriation costs, especially if you are on a Cruise! You need both!

To apply for a free Global Health Insurance Card, British citizens can visit the following Gov website :

Source – BBC

The card is free to apply for, so do not use any sites which want to charge you. If you have the old European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you can continue to use this until the expiry date, you can apply for the new GHIC card within 6 months of you EHIC expiring.

source –

2. Specific Extra Cruise Cover

I first took insurance with a Worldwide Internet Insurance Services Ltd company due to the comprehensive and crystal clear covid cover for ‘Cruises to nowhere’ back in 2021 when Cruising returned in the UK.

With previous Cruise insurance my husband and I have chosen to claim for missed port, so I knew as a start, I wanted cruise insurance with the opportunity to claim for missed ports. Cedar Tree’s missed port cover starts at ยฃ25 to ยฃ100 depending on the level of cover you take.

In these current covid times, the opportunity to claim on insurance for Cabin confinement impressed me beginning at a claim ยฃ20 – ยฃ50 to a maximum of ยฃ200 – ยฃ1500 depending on the level of cover you take.

There is also increased Luggage cover with Cruise cover, with the main travel insurance luggage is covered from ยฃ1500 – ยฃ3000 depending on cover purchased and terms and conditions. However with the extra cruise cover, this increases to ยฃ2500 – ยฃ3500 depending on level of cover purchased and again based on certain terms and conditions.

3. Gadget Cover!

With a Cruise content creator hobby, I have quite the collection of gadgets. I absolutely love taking photographs and vlogging my trips to share with you, so it is a given that I want to ensure my kit is protected.

Below, is an idea of the gadget cover provided by Cedar Tree, do please make sure you clarify cover and familiarise yourself with terms and conditions before purchasing such cover, so you know exactly what cover you need to ensure your gadgets and gizmos are covered, to allow you peace of mind whilst creating lots of holiday content!

Cedar Tree Travel Insurance

4. Baggage Delay Cover!

The current scenes from airport can be a bit anxiety inducing when you are planning your travels. Luckily over the last few months I have walked through security and baggage reclaim. I empathise massively with people who have not been so lucky. I also feel I absolutely can not assume my luck will continue. So, to know that Cedar Tree have me covered if my baggage goes on its own holiday without me!

Cedar Tree will cover you for ยฃ50 – ยฃ100 per 12 hours period up to a total of ยฃ300 to ยฃ500 depending on the cover you take. Given all the media stories about piles of luggage, the extra money to buy emergency bits and pieces if required can put you at ease, that if your luggage does go for a wander, you’ll be sorted until it turns up!

However I do think for shorted trips over the summer holidays, I am going to attempt to travel with hand luggage. Travelling lightly does not come naturally to me, but for shorter trips of 5-7 nights, I’m going to try!

5. Delayed / Missed Departures

Another extra worry with travel this Summer are delayed and missed departures.

Cedar Tree cover delayed departures from ยฃ25 each 12 hours delay up to a maximum of ยฃ150 to ยฃ50 for each 12 hour delay up to a maximum of ยฃ500. The comfort of knowing that any extra potential airport hotels after a flight cancellation are fully or at least part covered is reassuring.

Cedar Tree also offer a comprehensive cover for Holiday abandonment ranging from ยฃ3000 – ยฃ7500. I do not think prior to covid times and these times of travel chaos, holiday abandonment probably was never a possibility on my radar. However now, it certainly is. Anyone fortunate enough and wanting to travel at the moment, has to expect that you might not end up actually going on holiday. So to have such comprehensive cover, puts my mind at ease, that financially, if the whole holiday is to be abandoned, we would not be out of pocket for long.

Head over to the Cedar tree website by clicking here

You can obtain a quote on the website, deciding on the cover you desire.

Do use my discount code ZMYL4VJHTE for a 15% discount on single trip or annual policies!

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