Sunsets Steal the Show: nearly HALF of Brits believe they make the perfect holiday, according to a new survey

  • Sunsets make 47% of travellers feel like they’re on holiday
  • 45% of travellers also said sunsets made their holiday more memorable 
  • Greek Islands, Spain, and the Canary Islands revealed as top 3 destinations for stunning sunsets
  • Celebrity Cruises will help you find the best β€˜Sunset Spot’ wherever you are in the world this summer

To mark the start of the European cruise season, relaxed luxury cruise line, Celebrity Cruises commissioned a study to look at the importance of sunsets for UK travellers. The new poll revealed that half of past holidaymakers agreed that sunsets DO make them feel like they’re on holiday (47%) and for 1 in 5, a holiday is NOT complete without an amazing sunset experience.
Additionally, 45% of those polled said that sunsets make holidays more memorable, and nearly two-thirds (63%) said that oceans, beaches, and ports provided the perfect scene for a sunset viewing experience.
The study also looked at UK travellers’ top spots for a European sunset and The Greek Islands (27%) topped the list followed by Spain (21%), the Canary Islands (19%), Italy (19%), and perhaps surprisingly, the UK (17%).
Capturing the moment was also key with nearly half (46%) of those asked taking, or would take, photos of sunsets to use as their phone or computer wallpaper. This may explain why there are over 319M posts tagged #sunset on Instagram.
Alongside sunsets, weather was an important consideration when booking a holiday for 52% of those polled, a close second to value for money (63%). Sunsets offer a low-cost way to enhance our holiday experience, with 44% of those surveyed valuing a beautiful sunset on holiday as much as any other element of their trip.
To enrich the experience of holiday-goers during their European sailing adventure, Celebrity Cruises now offers a new service that assists guests in finding the best β€˜Sunset Spot’.
With seven ships-based in Europe from now until October 2023, Celebrity’s Guest Services team can assist with finding the ideal spot on the ship, recommending key locations that offer the best sunset view including the famed Lawn Club, Rooftop Garden, eye catching Magic Carpet as well as the guest favourite, the Sunset Bar.
This new service will provide guests with an opportunity to soak up uninterrupted views of the most magnificent sunsets in the world as they travel across Europe this summer.
Sunset lovers will be delighted that 2023 marks Celebrity Cruises’ biggest ever European sailing season with almost 100 unique destinations from Greece to Spain, Italy, and Croatia. Guests can enjoy an amazing range of on-board fine dining experiences, wellness and spas, and cutting-edge entertainment.
Jo Rzymowska, Vice President and Managing Director, UK & Ireland, Celebrity Cruises, said: “There is something truly special about watching the sun dip below the horizon, and there is no better place to experience this magical moment than from the deck of a cruise ship. At Celebrity Cruises, we understand how important it is to our guests to witness a stunning sunset while on holiday. That’s why we offer a variety of locations on board, such as the Magic Carpet and Sunset Bar, to provide the best possible sunset experience.
Our knowledgeable onboard team will guide guests to the perfect spot depending on their location in Europe, ensuring they have a front-row seat to one of nature’s most breath-taking displays. We are committed to creating unforgettable memories for our guests and watching a sunset from a Celebrity ship is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences”.
To celebrate the start of the season, Celebrity Cruises has just launched its Spring into Summer offer which includes savings of up to Β£1,000 per room as well as receiving $300 credit to spend on board. For more information or to book a Celebrity cruise, contact a trusted travel advisor; book online directly at; or contact Celebrity Cruises at 0800 4414054.


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