American Cruise Lines Introduces an Epic New U.S. River Cruise A 35-Day Civil War Battlefields Cruise

American Cruise Lines is pleased to announce a new cruise that visits nearly every major battlefield of the Civil War. The all-new Civil War Battlefields Cruise departs May 4th, 2024, from New Orleans, LA, and concludes on June 6th in Gettysburg, PA. Along the way, this 35-Day itinerary spans 13 states and all three major theaters of the war. Each day will highlight battlefields and events from Fort Sumter and Shiloh to Vicksburg and Antietam.

The onboard experience will be curated to bring context to each day’s exploration and provide a larger understanding of the War as a whole. Dedicated onboard Civil War experts will join guests for the entirety of the experience to discuss the motives, strategies, and personalities that drove each side of the War.
The Civil War Battlefields Cruise will be led by Bertram Hayes-Davis, the great great grandson of Jefferson Davis, an American politician who represented Mississippi in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and served as the president of the Confederate States from 1861-1865. Bertram Hayes-Davis is a unique scholar of Civil War history, able to offer both his extensive knowledge and rare personal perspective on the events and battles that divided our country, but ultimately helped forge a more perfect Union.
β€œThis cruise is one of the most wholistic views of the Civil War ever offered. Guests will experience the people, places, and events of the war, as they visit the battlefields and stand where history was made,” said Bertram Hayes-Davis. β€œThis is a unique opportunity to see the entire scope of the battles of the Civil War and put them in context to each other and the entire conflict.”
The cruise takes place on three ships and sails the Mississippi River, the Tennessee River, the Potomac River, the East Coast Intracoastal Waterway, and the Chesapeake Bay. Please see the Day-by-Day itinerary overview below.

This epic journey includes: Complimentary Pre-Cruise Stay in New Orleans, daily excursions & entertainment, all meals and beverages including beer & wine with lunch and dinner, and a daily cocktail hour. Complimentary WIFI, hotels and transportation between cruise segments, as well as Tips, Gratuities & Port Charges are all included in the cruise fare.
The price per person begins at $24,700 (depending on stateroom selection). Deposit of $5,000 per person is due upon reservation. Reservations for this unparalleled exploration of the U.S.A. are open to book now.
For more details and information about this itinerary, and other new longer U.S. cruises from American Cruise Lines, please visit: American Cruise Lines Extended Cruises.

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